GTA 5 – New DLC Before Next Gen Release?

Though it is still not completely clear whether the DLC will be launched ahead of the Next Gen launch of the game, DomisLive, a tipster from YouTube has decided to spill some beans about the possible DLC. The Last Team Standing update for GTA 5 has been really well received and much appreciated across the board. Ever since the update was rolled out, fans have been speculating that the update might be linked with another DLC – most probably Heist, which has been next in line for a release. A connection between the two has been rumored for a long time, and it seems that Rockstar may just put an end to all the speculation.

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RG_Dubz1458d ago

More speculation, great.

geddesmond1458d ago

No publisher would release any new DLC before the release of a next gen version. Why? because so many people would give out about it not being included in the next gen version of the game for free. If there is new DLC it won't release for a month or two after the next gen version release.

Bookmark this page and wait. Comment back with the most hateful things if you think I'm wrong when proven wrong that is.

SuperBlur1458d ago

Hi , GTA Online DLC's are free.

bmf73641458d ago

Yeah, all GTAV DLC has been free. And they've still been adding content since the 8th gen versions were announced. Heista may coincide with the 8th gen or PC release but there has never been a paid-for GTA DLC.

geddesmond1457d ago

Sorry I'n talking about paid story D,C which is what I thought this article was about.

Oago1458d ago

If it's from Dom is pretty much bullshit from the start.

crusf1458d ago

Man these journalists are milking this game dry. Stop with the unnecessary speculation for clicks.