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EB's Matt Heywood writes, "you will be able to check out 1080p gameplay from Sunset Overdrive, which is a new title from Insomniac Games that is set to debut on October 28, 2014 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Insomniac Games is allowing media outlets to record and/or stream gameplay from the first two hours of Sunset Overdrive, which is more than enough time to check out the unique gameplay that involves bouncing and grinding in a world that doesn’t quite feature the same level of gravity as our own. I wouldn’t call the frenetic traversal of Sunset Overdrive parkour, rather it’s a whole new take on the insane sport, albeit with zero respect for true to life physics, which allows for some wicked maneuvers in battle and while getting around town.

The gameplay footage above is taken from the first 75 minutes of gameplay, so you’ll see the tutorial mission, opening main missions, a quest, and a challenge mission."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1458d ago

So far the action is very fun, and the gameplay is a unique blend of bouncing and grinding with shooting mixed in.

4Sh0w1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Agreed, I love my shooters but I hope other devs take note 'cause I'll take a few more wild n crazy games like this please.

I'm trying not to watch too much before I get to play for myself but I'm loving the 5-10 minutes of gameplay I saw here. I like micro partnership with devs getting the games done and putting them out early for gamers and sites to really dig their teeth in before launch. The openness and confidence is refreshing.

febzilla1458d ago

I like the gameplay. Looks like a fun game.

bleedsoe9mm1458d ago

the guy seemed to start pretty sceptical and by the time the play thru was over he really enjoyed it . it a day 1 buy for me regardless but thats a good sign .

MasterCornholio1458d ago

This video makes the game look really fun. The other videos had really lousy players in my opinion.

Software_Lover1458d ago

I like what Microsoft is doing.

Get the games done.
Get the games out to reviewers/previewers (early).
Let the people decide yay or nay.
Release the game on time.

MasterCornholio1458d ago

You mean insomniac. Microsoft doesn't own them.

bleedsoe9mm1458d ago

it is MS published , at least for this game

MasterCornholio1457d ago


But insomniac is developing the game so they decide when its done and when reviewers get the copies. Microsoft might be the publisher but they dont own insomniac

Stop trying to make insomniac look like a first party studio. They are still 3rd party and they still make games for other systems.

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