Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date Announced with some good news

The release date for Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been announced and and will be released in Japan on February 5th 2015. This good news was revealed in the December issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. That’s not all, the magazine also announced that Vegito and Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta will be there as the playable characters. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, player can take the role of the original character who teams up with Trunks and the Kai of Time to stop Towa and Mira from changing the history.

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kamper3031d ago

should be interesting

ThunderPulse3030d ago

Is this game going on the PS4?

Divine3030d ago

it will be on all next gen consoles. and im excited for this since it will be on ps4.

DonkeyDoner3030d ago

"all next gen consoles"
yeah rgiht

ThunderPulse3030d ago

@kudostoyou The WiiU isn't a current-gen console it's a last-gen.

TheJacksonRGN3031d ago

A Japan release date. More interested in the NA one.

killacal133030d ago

Let's hope the NA release date is soon after.

shadowknight2033031d ago

Feb 2015 Japan. Probably going to be an april/june release for US 2015.

nX3031d ago

Hopefully, I can't buy it in February... or even March.

CyrusLemont3030d ago

I don't think the gap will be that large. Well at least I hope! I mean a lot of the english VO will be recycled from the anime with the addition of some new recordings. I just hope the logistics of this games development have been smooth to get it all done efficiently with overseas studios.

Revengeance3031d ago

Will be my first new DBZ game since Raging Blast 2.

iSuperSaiyanGod3031d ago

This news was out days ago .. Nothing new . Pretty depressing

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The story is too old to be commented.