PS4 Gets Qi Compatible Inductive Wireless Charger to Help With Your DualShock 4's Battery

The DualShock 4′s battery has always been under fire for its arguably short battery life, and a lot of implements have been created to mitigate the problem.

The Japanese manufacturer SPEC Computer is taking its turn with its removable battery receiver for PS4.

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u4one1463d ago

This is awesome but I'd like it even more if it were just built in with a stock ds4 with no clip on part.

Lazyeye791463d ago

That would be really nice, but this is a nice alternative, having it charge all day and then just grabbing it without having to worry about the cable is a nice feature.

My girlfriend never looks to see if it is plugged in and often just grabs it, gets it yanked out of her hands, and dropping it on the floor.

iagainsti1201463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

lol @ inveni0 bubs for you.

Lazyeye791462d ago

All the disagrees are from the poor lonely men.


Sonital1463d ago

I really would welcome charging plates where I can stick my iPod, phone, tablets, controllers, headphones etc before bed and then it's all ready to go the next day.

counselorterry1462d ago

I'm giving you a bubble just for your avatar.

ramiuk11462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

i bought the offical charge dock and u leave it plugged in all time with pads on as it has a curcuit cut of built in so draws no power when pads full.

i have never had an issue since as every time i go to play there full and if u gaming for longer than 6/8 hours u needhelp in other areas of life imo.

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Mulletino1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Problem solved with $30 small chargeable USB battery charger. Got a 13000Mah pack on Newegg for $27 and it will recharge the controller 3 or 4 times before needing to recharge the battery on the power outlet. Or while you aren't playing just plug the battery and controller into ps4. It also can sit in my lap and charge while I play.

RosweeSon1463d ago

Yeah it is a really short battery life but luckily they include charge cables these days ;) 8 hours isn't enough tho that it for sure needs to be doubled at least to 16-20 if not a full 24 hours please.

OculusRift1463d ago

My DS4 last like 7 hours. What's wrong your controllers?

GunsAndTheBeast1463d ago

overcharged probably losing the battery full capacity

Yetter1463d ago

That is pretty sweet.

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