10 Incredibly Depressing Video Game Stories From 2014

WC: Industry speculation on just how ill-prepared developers have been for this new generation seems to have been because many of them just didn’t realise we all wanted new consoles so badly. They were very much taken by surprise when something like the PS4 was now sitting on 10 million units sold through to homes, hence the sudden influx of ‘remastered’ or ‘definitive editions’ of older titles for the sake of getting something out there.

Still, it’s doubtful 2014 will be remembered for anything particular positive upon reflection, and as we look at 2015 to pick up the pieces, it’s important to note just how many things the industry desperately needs to learn from. Especially when a great many problematic factors other than just having a slate of titles worth buying are starting to rear their heads.

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ForgottenProphecy1459d ago

"First-Party" is used incorrectly in the article, it should be changed to "Exclusive". Games like Sunset Overdrive are Third-Party, but are still exclusive. I agree with everything else though

Rick_Ross_Boss1459d ago

Totally agree with the article.

stalepie1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

It's proof that consoles are on the way out.

Geekman1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Agree with everything but 3.

A graphical downgrade is not depressing. Or at least not as depressing as a lack of worthwhile games.