10 Video Games That Prove The Wii U Is Far From Doomed

The Wii U is far from doomed. It has one of the best developers of all time behind it, giving it their all. Wii U owners have a lot to look forward to in the next year or so.

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Lazyeye791460d ago

Would love to read this but don't want to sit clicking through 10 pages. Why whatculture, why?

KeeseToast1460d ago

Those are just all upcoming Wii U exclusives...

marloc_x1460d ago

Haven't gave a helpful bubble in a long while :)

AKR1460d ago

Dang. I didn't even know such a thing existed. Awesome find! +1 Bubble.

andrewer1460d ago

But still, these things are getting ridiculous.

MaxwellBuddha1460d ago

Bubbled up for being helpful!

swice1460d ago

Very nice find. Thank you

wonderfulmonkeyman1460d ago

You forgot to add "It's dangerous to go alone", but still helpful.XD

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3dmariofan681460d ago

With these great games, in this and next year, the Wii u is not doomed, with the Xbox one dying in Japan and slumping in sales everywhere else, where are all the Xbox one is doomed articles? Biased media and micro soft and Sony fanboys make me sick.

Concertoine1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

The xbox one is selling very well right now due to the boost from third party games. The wii u has to wait til smash bros for numbers anywhere near that good.

The gap grew from may-august but all the progress the wii u made over the xbone in that time was completely negated in the past month in favor of xbone.

InTheLab1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

7.5m in 2 years versus 5.5m in 11 months. You talk about fanboys and biased media as if you are exempt from one of those groups. Looks at the numbers before you make this claim. If the X1 is sitting at 7.5 a year from now, then it deserves doom articles just love me the WiiU.

It also deserves a chance to pump out its heavy hitters like the WiiU has all of year. Neither will catch the Ps4 but both can be healthy, especially the WiiU if Nintendo continues to scoop up games like Bayonetta to go along with the 4 mario spinoffs they pump out every year.

Jyndal1460d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X and The Legend of Zelda are the two biggest titles for next year, as far as I'm concerned. Both on the Wii U, and both I'll own on release.

Lon3wolf1460d ago

About 6 games on that list for me, Wii-U isn't doomed but it could be in a better position sales wise.

Nintendo4Life851460d ago

Should be 11 games you forgot to mention StarFox U which is schedule to be release next year.

Dunban671460d ago

How many of those games will be delayed till 2016 including Starfox?

I bet at least than 2 or 3 will be delayed Star fox and Zelda being 1st on the delay list

randomass1711460d ago

That's speculation and it isn't based on any hard evidence that Nintendo would do that. :/

Nintendo4Life851459d ago

Actually Miyamoto confirms Starfox in 2015 then he confirmed it again two months ago when he was ask about if Starfox will still come in 2015, For what i know StarFox has a bigger development team to do the game.

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