Should Gears of War Xbox One Be Cross-Gen?

Chris from The Games Cabin writes: "We reported yesterday that there was a possibility that the next Gears of War game will be releasing on the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One. This caused some debate amongst console enthusiasts with some in favour of a cross-gen release and others highly opposing such a move. Is it such a bad thing?"

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Foehammer1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Good question

First off GOW is rumoured to release in 2016, that would make the 360 ELEVEN years old. A very long time for a console to be supported, but not unheard of.

They could do it like Forza Horizon 2, TWO different developers, or 2 teams. That way the X1 would have the same advantages as FH2:

higher resolution
more content (700 events vs 500 in FH2) a matter of disc size, multi DVD vs BlueRay
dynamic weather and lighting
Forward + rendering (a console first on FH2)

Edit, I have to laugh at some of the comments below, the same ppl that say MS abandoned last gen are saying that GOW should not be cross gen, go figure, MS is damned if they do or damned if they don't.

DarkOcelet1677d ago

Or simply put , it shouldnt be a cross gen game because this game like Uncharted 4 is a system seller so putting it in last gen console and people will think it's been gimped or haven't used the full power of the Xone and seriously though this should be on XONE only because it need a big system seller to get back in the game .

nX1677d ago

There should be no cross-gen games anymore at this point. Last-gen hardware is around 10x less powerful than what we have now, the limits of these machines have been reached a long time ago.

MasterCornholio1677d ago


Except for simple titles like 2D indies. But I agree with you on the rest though.

Dannyh1677d ago

All the gears of war are already on 360 so I don't see why waste the time, I could under stand if it was an original Xbox game

otherZinc1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Halo Master Chief Collection is the template.

Gears Of War 4 or whatever M$ calls it, will only be found on XBOX ONE.

Mega241677d ago

What's the point of re-releasing the GoW collection, when you can find it in any store for that platform already?

It should be an Xbox One exclusive, end of discussion.

lelo2play1677d ago

"Should Gears of War Xbox One Be Cross-Gen?"

No. It's time to let the X360 die.

masterfox1676d ago

xbone higher resolution ? making fun of a dead horse huh ?

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Septic1677d ago

No. We want a next-gen gears, not a cross-gen one. Gears needs something special to reinvigorate life into the franchise and it doesn't need to be help back by last=gen constraints at all.

This should be a showcase of what the X1 can do.

psvitamanfan1677d ago

I dunno, I reckon it'd be good of Microsoft to keep putting out first-party games for as long as third parties keep supporting the console. From here on out the Xbox 360 (and PS3 for that matter) are going to be seen as "budget" consoles as they're pretty cheap compared to the PS4/Xbox One, so people who buy into them will expect more games. Just my opinion anyway

pompombrum1677d ago

I honestly disagree with Gears needing something special.. the mechanics of the game are so unique and it's been so long since we've had a good gears game, keep the core gameplay intact imho, the formula is damn near perfect already. Judgement tried to give Gears something new and look how that turned out.

MasterCornholio1677d ago

The mechanics of the game being unique?

I'm having trouble understanding what your trying to say because the cover mechanics of GEARs have been used in many games already.

By unique what do you mean?

Xb1ps41677d ago


I have trouble understanding gamers like you.. I mean yea maybe the word unique is wrong for what he is saying but we all know that any game that previously did the cover mechanics is not even close to how good it is in gears..

It's like not giving Morpheus any credit all because Nintendo put out the virtual boy thing.. IMO it's not who does it first it's who does it better and that's what some what makes it unique..

pompombrum1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


The cover mechanic is just one element to gears. None of the elements of Gears are particular unique on their own but ultimately no other game takes them all and makes them work like the way gears does. Feel free to give me some examples if I'm wrong but I can't think of any other game out there that I've played that offers a similar experience to Gears, with the possible exception of The Last of Us but that game's grittier approach gives it a completely different feel imho.

cruzngta1677d ago

2 dev teams 2 versions as long as XB1 version pushes the hardware for a true next gen experience for the series. Otherwise it would not be worth it.

leahcim1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Of course not, with this move MS keep showing us that their not yet confident on its new machine.

If we look at Sony I don´t think UNCH 4 will be crossplatform now we can expect for sure that ND will use the most of the potential of Sony´s next gen console. Sadly you cannot say the same on MS and Gears of War.

It is so obvious.

2 devs 2 teams yes but the XBONE team will have to be constanstly asking to the X360 team if they are able to do this and that.
(I have a ps4 but I love Gears of War)

MeliMel1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Nonsense. Black Tusk will be taking full advantage of xbox one capabilities. This is Gears not some bs ip, MS will be pushing for best of everything on this game.

Edit: OT, no it should not be cross gen. Its time to move on from Xbox 360.

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