Luftrausers (PlayStation 3) Review - cubed3

"Vlambeer truly deserves a huge thumbs-up. In an era where gameplay stratification gets way too often mistaken for supposedly true-to-life, bloated, open-world experiences, this team went back to basics and almost reinvented a genre. In the guise of a witty, light-hearted parody of WWII German airborne forays, Luftrausers turns out to be one of the most addictive, fun and polished shoot 'em ups of 2014."

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EZMickey1675d ago

Oh man, I got this game on PC and it rocks. I'm told it's a perfect fit for PS Vita too. It's a jump-in-and-jam kinda game. The kind of game you can get in and out of while you're waiting for that download to finish or for someone to get out of the shower.

It's also really challenging and twitchy. These are the arcade games I love playing most.