10 Popular Video Game Series' That Completely Forgot Who They Were

WC: All of the following franchises changed in some way, shape or form, forgetting the games that came before in favour of creating something refreshing and new (or bizarre and awkward). If you can think of any more examples of similar series, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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scark921680d ago

Resident Evil comes to mind,
I would add Castlevania to the list, I think its unfair to put Final Fantasy on the list, this is the first ARPG in the 'numbered' FF franchise and it being like KH in my opinion is far from bad, but I know the series will probably go back to trad RPG after 15, as its in demand.

Godmars2901680d ago

Think the whole point that its gone a turn based series where each entry was only loosely connected by repeated monsters and themes, to action games which see direct and multiple sequels is the point of a "lost identity".

Nevermind that the new games are so divisive or lean dangerously close to another franchise with similarly "new" mechanics.

scark921680d ago

I have not played 13 so I guess I have not much to add in regards to 13 but I would argue before 13!

Godmars2901680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Well it started with FF10-2. Likewise FF12 was more an extension of FF11, an almost typical adventure and steeped with elements from the latter setting, than its own entry.

scark921679d ago

I guess, FF12 was like an offline MMO

Jyndal1680d ago

I stopped playing FF games after trying to slog through X. That one started the series in a horrible direction, where the CG sequences took precedence over the gameplay.

As far as RE, it lost it's flavor for awhile after 4, but Revelation gave me some hope that the series isn't completely without hope.

Silent Hill is a series that needs a complete reboot. Downpour was ok, but Homecoming was just plain awful. Truly a series that has lost it's way.

scark921680d ago

Well since Kojima Productions is working on it, I have hope for Silent Hill!

1680d ago
Bill_Willson_CIA1680d ago

Games that comes to my mind:

Resident Evil;
Devil May Cry;
Final Fantasy;
Silent hill;

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