New Nintendo 3DS review - Digital Foundry at Eurogamer

The definitive 3DS? Digital Foundry examines Nintendo's innovative solutions to the handheld's long-standing hardware issues.

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blackstrr4111679d ago

I can't access Nintendo uk store. Don't know if its just me bt I want to order a 3ds xl before 30th and I can't access the damn store

raymantalk11679d ago

think yourself lucky save your money and get something better with it.

Whymii1679d ago

Mate, did you even read the article? Assuming the guy above means to buy the new 3ds xl, then according to digital foundry it looks to be worthwhile.

raymantalk11679d ago

i cast my line and got a bite yayay hahahaha

Takwin1679d ago

It will review well. It will sell well. Kids and adults everywhere will love it.

I'll probably wait to replace my XL when an exclusive game comes out that either my daughter or myself want, since we share it.

talocaca1679d ago

It certainly pushed me to finally get one.

Been a Vita owner since launch but I was happy to see they finally added a second stick.

Waiting for my limited edition unit to arrive in two weeks :)

lemoncake1679d ago

They should have gone all out with the specs and included a really big significant performance boost, instead of the little bit here little bit there mentality. Mobile technology has moved on so much and seems like Nintendo are still stuck in their old way of using low performing tech compared to the competition.

DivineAssault 1679d ago

gotta wait til nx year but its cool.. Not like theres any games that use that new c stick that i havent already played.. Hopefully a MH4 bundle drops in the US.. I honestly am pretty upset that i have to upgrade AGAIN & know there probably wont be many games that utilize that CPU power but whatever.. Ima get it anyway.. Them bastards sure know how to get peoples money by adding things that shouldve been there to begin with