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You read that title, yes you did. If you decide to play through Alien: Isolation, then you really should prepare yourself to die. Quite a bit, in fact.

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Dfooster1677d ago

Why are they using screen shots from aliens: colonial marines? And on another note the journalists moaning about the save system is complete nonsense . There are loads of save stations in the game. If you use your map and plan a route you hardly have to do any backtracking at all.

Ashunderfire861677d ago

The journalist probably play it on hard first, instead of normal where they could of got the most of the game, with little frustration. They based their review on the hardiest difficulty which is unfair! Even though the developer recommend that difficulty they should of played normal first. They are loads of save stations on the normal difficulty I played through. As a matter of fact, they were too many save stations and level saves towards the end, yet no journalist took notice of this. Ign, Gamespot, Gametrailers, Polygon, this review and many other reviews that rated this game poor are very bias. They point it down for backtracking when some of the greatest games of all time like Metroid Prime is all about backtracking to get to new areas of course. Plus you can always go back to get items that you miss.