Daily Joystick Podcast Ep 181 – Drive Club still stuck in 1st Gear

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we discuss all the latest news including recent news that Project Cars is delayed till 2015, and DriveClub fails to impress. We also discuss Sony’s PS4 2.0 update, plus the October update for Xbox One is now live. Also on the show we take a look at all the upcoming titles for October, and we review a host of titles including NBA 2K15, Shadow of Mordor, Chariot, Risen 3 and more. So tune in, it’s free DLC for your ipod!"

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ThatOneGuyThere1488d ago

driveclub is running pretty decently now. Only sometimes can i not connect to the lobby i want. The online racing aspect is smooth, and awesome.

DaGamingKing1487d ago

It will definately get better, it just needs those patches and I am sure it will be a better experience. Just right now, its struggling.

otherZinc1487d ago

It should've been ready day 1.