The Witcher 3 "needed" to be on PS4

"With The Witcher 3 we knew that we would have to reach a wider audience," Gilewski told VG247 in a recent interview. "We needed to be on the new consoles and in particular the PS4, because a lot of people are attracted to them."

"It's only with the next-gen consoles that we can do much more," Gilewski added later when explaining how the new-gen tech was allowing the studio to broaden their horizons with regards to Wild Hunt.

"Open-world was something we've always wanted to do and we believed that was the missing element for this story. To make it truly immersive we had to let people explore it their way. We always wanted this but we couldn't because of technical limitations and because of the experience and size of the team."

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Kingthrash3601486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Pretty straightforward with that.....imo though on whichever console I'm sure it will sell well and be awsome....still, with these comments I want too see the "resolution gate" if any....or will we see another UbiSoft parity situation.

joab7771486d ago

They deserve the widest possible audience to make money. This is gonna be an epic and expensive game. It needs to be supported.

Unspoken1485d ago

Looks like they see enough of an ROI on PS4, especially due to reduced development costs considering they all share the same architecture.

Can't wait to see this in 4k! If Witcher 2 is any indication, I'm going to need to SLI to see this in all it's glorious slender !

Jonny5isalive1486d ago

I agree with them. Everyone should have known ps4 would dominate before it came out. I played witcher 2 on 360 and am getting a ps4 before I get a xbox1, if I ever get that. Im glad its on ps4 too and im sure they are with the sales like they are.

Unspoken1485d ago

If the sales theory is to hold, why didn't they put it on PS3? It is because development costs are reduced.

PaleMoonDeath1486d ago

I'd appreciate other game developers using this straight forward approach, kind of a "No bullsh*t" vibe that far to many developers cover up with sugar coated excuses.

This'll be my first Witcher game, I've been told the previous games are brilliant too, good stuff.

SwiftArsonist1485d ago

so u appreciate a straight forward approach when its convenient or good sony news but when Ubisoft came out with the 900p bs you probably were bitching about it. you and the rest of the "new" generation of gamers are garbage

PaleMoonDeath1485d ago

@ lonelygoner

Haha! idiots like you make my day, here's the deal chief, people don't appreciate being spun around and mislead, Ubisoft suck at being truthful, Watchdogs?

I'm not a gamer by the way, just a fella who passes his spare time playing video-games. ;)

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Haru1486d ago

This game will run at the same resolution on both consoles only for the sake of parity, because just like ubisoft CD projekt red have a deal with microsoft so this only makes sense, I hope I am wrong but if it turns out that way then I'll skip this game too

#PS4NoParity !!

98xpresent1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Go head skip it. You just gon a miss out on a good experience.

Findingcrybabies1486d ago

As someone who has always been a PS gamer I have never had the opportunity to play the series. Unless they are going to give me the first and second game for free with my copy of the new game then I have ZERO interest.

Jonny5isalive1486d ago

then you are a fool. I played 2 without playing 1 and its is one of the best games ive ever played. This one will be way better even. You should really play witcher 3 because there really is not another game that is anything like this.

Pandamobile1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I doubt CDPR would compromise any aspect of this game after being in development for so long.

Fkhalf161486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Your loss then. Im buying the game regardless on PS4. If you fanboys keep ranting on about resolution parity, then go with PC, problem solved

Jaqen_Hghar1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

NOT RESOLUTION. Something should be better on PS4 because it's the better machine as other devs have shown. If they don't do that they're not putting the best possible game on each platform. It doesn't have to be a different resolution but it should have something better on PS4. If not you're just being lazy or putting politics above the game.

clouds51486d ago

Dude... PC? Don't skip that awesome game because of pixels!

Jaqen_Hghar1486d ago

not about pixels...about parity. Even if it's the same res SOMETHING on PS4 should be better.

Jaqen_Hghar1486d ago

other things could be better besides resolution though. There are plenty of other graphical improvements that PS4 could get over the X1 version. You are right that there should be no parity though. Ridiculous that MS still holds leverage over devs when Sony controls over 2/3 the market between them.

MattE1486d ago

Ye.. And all games should use MS servers right - ps4 is holding back online gaming at the minute, which is far worse than resolution

Majin-vegeta1486d ago


Where the hell are you getting this crap from??I swear you boys pull this crap out of your otherside.Maybe Devs just prefer to use their own servers and have control over them,

breakpad1486d ago

now that these hypocrite developers see that PS4 sells very well , they start compliment the console audience and other similar BS ..before that we all know that Witcher devs had a special relationship with MS ..lame

Pandamobile1486d ago

Some of you guys are pretty dense. The Witcher 2 wasn't on PS3 because the PS3 had a silly architecture. TW2 was a PC exclusive, and only got a 360 port because porting from PC to 360 doesn't require the team to re-write the entire engine.

moegooner881485d ago

I remember them announcing stuff for the game at MS E3, when the DRM crap was still implemented. Even though they are supposedly against it, this moment I lost all respect for them.

maelstromb1486d ago

Wow @ Findingcrybabies - In other words, "give me EVERYTHING for free or ur gamez r SH*T!!! RAAAAAWWWRRR" ... Way to be entitled.

sevilha821486d ago

I seriouslly doubt that,CD Project Red are one of the best developers out there,they are independent ,answer to no one but themselfs and are one of the last studios that respect their buyers and fans and dont go out greedy for profict over quality.

I played all of their witcher games,they are without a doubt,two of the best games in the history of western RpG´s,this will be my preview...the best platform will be the pc,their are a pc games developer after all,followed by the PS4 and The XboxOne(hopeing it manages to reach 1080p).

If your an Rpg fan and skip this,i asure you....You will be missing a masterpiece.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1486d ago

Agreed with everything you said, CD Projekt are MS fanboys they always have and they always be, parity confirmed long time ago;) Too bad for us PS4 owners though.

FastRedPonyCar1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

No its running at the same res/fps on both consoles because that's all that they are capable of producing.

If anything, they could probably unlock the frame rate on the ps4 but from what a rumored to be playtester for the game said on Neogaf, both the console ports are currently a mess in terms of performance and he urged buyers to either wait to see how the console versions are at launch or just get the PC version (which he implied was running great).

console buyers beware.

Horseheadinthebed1485d ago

So you are believing a rumour from an unknown source ? Wow

lategamer1485d ago

This is CDPR, one of the best developers out there. They will do their best on all 3 engines, given the amount of time and resources they have.

I expect all three too look great, with PC>PS4>X1.

Making false claims and insulting a developer just because of Ubisoft isn't right.

chrisoadamson1485d ago

you do realise that the PS4 parity is holding back Dedicated Servers for Xbox One... as PSN cannot provide a similar network like Microsoft do with Azure to allow devs to use dedicated servers.

user56695101485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

this is why i hate ps fanboys. not sony, but ps fanboys. i find it funny that they do this much complaining about res but say res dont matter with pc. i also find it hilarious that they scream on top of hills about this but let sony charge them for online when the entire last gen they said they would never pay for mp.

yall dont desire the witcher franchise. cd project need to keep all their game exclusive to pc because we see how console only gamers care about pc devs

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HeavenlySnipes1486d ago

Hope Sony pays them to outsource a team to port the first Witcher to the PS4

hansolo_871486d ago

I think that both the first and second Witcher should be ported to PS4. But the Witcher 1 needs a lot more work, so I'd go with just the Witcher 2. The hardware is not a problem anymore :)

ATi_Elite1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

The Witcher series is shaping up to be one of the greatest series ever.

Tw1 brought a lot to the table and really pushed the action rpg

Tw2 blew everything out the water

I expect Tw3 to make every developer go back to the drawing board especially action rpg developers.

Graphics wise tw3 is gonna really challenge my PCS to get 45 fps at 4k but if uber sampling is back then 4k is out of the equation as early screen shots show a huge boost in graphical detail

CDPR are awesome devs and I can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077 also

Pandamobile1485d ago

Uber-sampling isn't really necessary if you have a 4K display. At that point it's just extreme overkill.