Driveclub: "Majority" of Players Able to Connect, More Servers Next Week; Leaderboards Investigated

Driveclub‘s developer Evolution Studios is still working hard on the game’s servers, trying to hammer everything into working conditions. They’re also continuing to keep gamers updated on the game's status.

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donthate1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

They have to fix the servers first.

The servers can't handle the current number of owners already. Pretty messed up if you ask me after almost 2 weeks!!!

That is ok, I will wait for my free game.

Foehammer1514d ago

What's interesting is that the developer states:

"More servers, upgrades & updates are coming online tomorrow & next week. Keep trying."

This flies in the face of those who said it had nothing to do with the number of servers.

Clearly a robust server network is an asset.

CuddlyREDRUM1514d ago

The problem was never the servers, it was the fact they were waiting for sales of the full version.

They could have also released an offline version.

By the way, PS Plus edition people are "owners".

uth111514d ago

before they fixed the bottleneck in the code, it didn't matter how many servers you threw at it

Scatpants1514d ago

I've been able to connect just fine for a while now. Now I just need to stop sucking at racing cars. Game is really fun though, shame how bad the launch went down. I hope Evolution can bounce back from this.

BoriboyShoGUN1514d ago

yeah the game is actually fun, but i know a few people held out on purchasing the game when they saw the issues.

1514d ago
uth111514d ago

connecting isn't a problem anymore. The main problem now is the errors that occur when I try some things.

Spotie1514d ago

What a trolling comment.

Kiwi661514d ago

How is he trolling when it is a mess from the botched launch to removing features just to try to get things to work to bringing out a patch which didn't help

ScottyHoss1513d ago

Ignore him Krispy, he's just a sad, as fanboy.

Knushwood Butt1514d ago

It is a mess, but it's never prevented me from enjoying the offline game.

Now that the online features are stabilizing, the game just gets better.

Xb1ps41513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Yea well to put things in perspective..... A couple extra pixels doesn't prevent me from enjoying a great game on or offline yet a lot of you have a huge party over it..


I have both console, I'm not trolling at all it's just you can't come to terms that it is a's not my fault Sony can't do no wrong in your eyes, so they fvcked up is it really that hard to admit?! Are you that in love with a console and brand?

Gamer tags xb1= is wanted again
Ps4= wanted_in_bpt

TheSaint1513d ago

How does that excuse it from being broken at launch?

If we keep accepting this then it will become the norm, people like you need to get a better perspective.

Knushwood Butt1513d ago

Did I say it should be excused?

Evolution dropped the ball, but again, I've been enjoying the game just fine without the online. Now, most of the online features are working. They are rectifying it.

Now, how about Far Cry 3. On PS3, the online multiplayer was buggy, and the game frequently crashed. Ubisoft NEVER fixed it. In fact, I must have owned the game for at least 6 months after launch and I don't think it was patched once. Let's get on a soapbox about that too while we are at it.

Brettman20081514d ago

I wasn't going to buy it but due to the Project Cars delay I will now get Drive Club in the next week or two. I have been hanging out for a driving game and the lack of such on PS4 has been disappointing.

Scatpants1514d ago

Project Cars just looks like another one of those sterile generic racing sims. It will have all the same tracks, mostly the same cars as other sims. What's the point, slightly better graphics?

Brettman20081514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Project Cars will be the only racing sim on PS4 for the foreseeable future, apart from F1 2015. I like 'sterile'racing sims not a big fan of arcade racing games. Drive Club is more of an arcade racer but it will do for now.

mcjt1514d ago

You won't be disappointed, trust me

sprinterboy1514d ago

Great game imo, but seriously need challenges activated so I can get me platinum trophy, my DC connection is on/off all the time atm but when it's on on its fantastic just need a constant connection now.

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