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From what we've been shown, there is every reason to be excited.

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stalepie1674d ago

Driveclub's amazing! Really a beautiful game (I wish the online worked better, sure, but most things in it are quite nice)

3-4-51674d ago

Back like 10-15 years ago there used to be like 20+ different racing games.

Everyone cared more about having fun then mind blowing graphics.

If you have a PS4 Driveclub is probably a good driving game that could have been better.

There doesn't just have to be one good game of each kind....that is foolish.

This game looks like it could be pretty good.

TomahawkX1674d ago

and this game won't get hated on even though its a linear track racer just like driveclub. gee I wonder why.

Brettman20081674d ago

What a ridiculous comment. Pls enlighten yourself.

TomahawkX1674d ago

i'm just saying Driveclub got crapped on for not being open world. If this game gets a pass then there is definitely a double standard going on.

methegreatone1674d ago

@Tomahawk Really ? You're saying thats the reason DC got bad reviews ? Looks like you're using that as a freepass to make yourself feel better about DC with relation to PCars. It makes no sense
Driveclub got crapped on for not having any 'soul', not being linear. That was merely a comparison to Forza Horizon 2, and as a game on the competing console at the same time, the open world certainly worked in Forza's favour. That's all it was, nothing more. The open world thing is inapplicable here.

Driveclub isn't sim or arcade, but it is inbetween. I haven't played the game (really want to) , but from all the reviews (critic and user) I've read, their issues seem to be:

-The game has incredible fidelity, but it lacks 'soul' or substance. It doesn't go arcade or sim, but somewhere in between, and while the driving experience is fantastic, it falls off for not having depth in either way.
- Getting punished because of braindead AI (this seems to be the most objective criticism, the other points will have lots to do with personal preference)
- ends up being a shallow experience that doesn't keep you hooked till the end (basically from the first point)

Project Cars isn't released yet. If it doesn't get badly reviewed, it won't be because of bias, as you are implying.
It will be because it will have turned out a great simulator. It has some really great visuals and audio. It has a crazy amount of depth in terms of everything simulation related. The driving experience is very intense too.

MajorGecko1674d ago

what are you trying to say about Gran Turismo then i believe that is also a "linear track racer", i think its called professional race tracks tho.

Torque_CS_Lewith1674d ago

DriveClub is hated on for being barebones! When was the last time you saw a track racer with only 50 cars and 98% from just one region?

DC is judged for the content it lacks for the type of racing game it is. Heck even Blur of all games had more cars than DC and they stuffed in some other "exciting" gameplay elements in their tracks.

DC focused on non essentials like individual AI for 10 000 flamingos (What the heck for??) instead of giving the racing AI less robotic behaviors.
Let's not forger the 1 000 000 unique trees instead of less than half the cars found in the last PGR which Sony fans want so desperately to call DC a successor of.

The only reason DC gets points docked off for not being an open world game is because the lack of content and variety it brings may have been made up for if they had made it open world and let gamers marvel at the trees and individual birds.

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Retroman1674d ago

said-same-thing-about-DRIVECLU B

ashen1221674d ago

yes driveclub was worth the wait for me, so i'll probably get project cars and enjoy it.

bring on the hate! bitches

tgunzz1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I don't hate your choice (enjoy). Game on!

Retroman1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


just-saying-how-they-HYPED-dr iveclub
i-too-hope-Project-cars-bette r.


FastRedPonyCar1673d ago

I'm in the PCars early alpha testing. It's FAR better of a game than dclub. There are little small graphical bugs here and there, track textures and some replay camera positioning elements that are the type of things they're polishing up.

The core game is done and it's awesome.

uth111674d ago

It's been delayed two years now, it'll probably never see the light of day.

orakle441673d ago

Um no, the game has not been delayed two years. Just another person spouting un-informed nonsense on N4G. Smh.

uth111673d ago

according to this it was supposed to come out in March 2013, now it's delayed to March 2015. That's two years according to my math..

FastRedPonyCar1673d ago

It was delayed early on because it was originally supposed to be a PC and last gen racer. When the decision to drop old consoles and build for next gen consoles was made, it added a great deal of time to the development process.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1674d ago

The thing is though that racing games have a very small window of relevance. Everyone's confused as to why Driveclub took so long. Well, initially it was supposed to be a launch game but they had issues with the menus so they had to delay it to redesign them. As such it missed launch. Because it was no longer a launch game it had to be alot more (quality wise) so they took more time to up the graphics and add more stuff (fixing menus takes a while but I don't think it takes 11 months.) It needed that time to be relevant again. Now it's plagued with other stuff but that's beside the point. The point is, we no have Driveclub, Forza and the crew coming soon for everybody's racing fix. No ones gonna need Project cars when it comes out.

stalepie1674d ago

There's usually multiple racing games every year on any system.

orakle441673d ago

No, games like Driveclub and The crew are not sims, where as Project CARS is a sim. Sims are relevant far longer than arcade racers like NFS, Driveclub, Forza Horizon, The Crew etc., because the market is saturated with arcade style racers. There is a big difference between the two.

There are only two sim racers on consoles at the moment, the GT series and Forza. Project CARS is a welcomed edition, and the wait wont hurt it at all.

OutcastMosquito1674d ago

Project Cars, what an inventive title *rolls eyes*

stalepie1674d ago

It's an acronym for "Community Assisted Racing Simulator."

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