Final Fantasy XIV’s First Expansion Heavensward: Here are All the Details and The First Screenshots

Square Enix just announced the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, titled Heavensward, and besides the beautiful teaser trailer, they also provided quite a lot of interesting details and screenshots of the new areas.

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Summons751679d ago

Looking good, wish I had time to really get into this but I just don't have the time to dedicate to an mmo.

joab7771679d ago

I started a new job and began playing Destiny as it's much more casual and still satisfies that itch.

Would love to get back in. Had a 101 summoner and 100 scholar, if I remember right.

This game is amazing just 14 moths from launch. Absolutely one of the best mmo's to date...and on console. Simply astonishing what they have done.

Anarki1679d ago

I totally agree on the whole "best mmo" part. I'm currently sat playing it right now. Never known a game to get patches/updates so much, every other week they bring out a patch which is the equivalent of an expansion on WoW.

Yoshi P is god.

Spenok1679d ago

You should give it a shot. Far too many people don't realize it doesn't require you to give up all your gaming time. I have been playing MMO's since FFXI launched on PS2 back in 2002 and I still manage to play the console games I want AND go for Platinum trophies. I'm currently playing this game with the GF at late hours, and other games earlier when I find time.

If you have a capable PC I'd say give the free trial a shot. You just may be surprised. Hell, buy it and give it that first month, as it does come with a free one and you can see and do more with it. If you decide you don't like it, then unsub. Simple as that.

Summons751679d ago

I know I like it. I've started a character to see what it was like at a friends house. I could easily see myself spending time with the game but as it is I only get a few hours a week to really sit down and play games. I couldn't see myself subbing to an mmo and not at least playing it a few hours every day. In a few months my schedule should clear up some so I'd have more time.

Spenok1679d ago

I see. Well if you ever plan on getting on hit me up, I'll get you on my server, Free Company and all.

jukins1679d ago

Just like ffxi I'm expecting the expansion the increased lvl cap and new jobs to really change the game for the better can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.