Supporting Gamergate Does Not Make You A Bully

When reports came out last weekend of developer Brianna Wu receiving death threats over Twitter, the gaming media renewed its attacks on the GamerGate movement labeling it a hate group trying to drive women from the gaming industry. When Anita Sarkeesian canceled a planned speech at Utah State University over anonymous death threats, the backlash against GamerGate built to a roar in stories across the national mainstream press.

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uth111679d ago

There are bullies in the various SJW movements too, but they get a pass from the media.

kingdip901677d ago

Victimhood is a female privilege, men don't get to feel oppressed, especially not white men.

It's ok for the media to demonize men, imagine if they called a group of women hatemongers...

Mithan1677d ago

Shut the hell up. Your comparing apples and oranges.

kingdip901677d ago


Apples and oranges?

One group of people having rights and social standing another one does not is prejudiced. Period.

The words male and female should be interchangeable without changing the responses of the people in the conversation.

If you would be offended by someone marginalizing women then why not men?

Bunch of sexist crap and I'm sick to death of it.

Apples and oranges my left buttock...

Blacktric1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"Your comparing apples and oranges."

I thought men and women were equal? So it's okay for a group of men (which, isn't even the case when it comes to #GamerGate) to be called "misogynist hatemongers!" but not others to be called out on their bullshit just because they happen to be women?


HighResHero1677d ago

Most of the actual bullies are the ones trying to stop GG.

WeAreLegion1677d ago

The majority of Gamergate supporters have been anti-bullying. I love that.

Fireseed1677d ago

The funny thing about this mind set is that you actually think someone like Anita is doing something wrong and they're just crying wolf when they're attacked.

OOMagnum1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Its the internet everyone gets attacked. No matter what group anywhere on this planet theres the few that takes things too far. But to use that to dinegrate the whole group is wrong, purposefully so. Shes a career victim. You should research who actually did the attacks and the timing of the past attacks to get a better understanding. If you care that is.

*edit* The wacky man that is a perfect description of whats going on here. Best post ive seen on this site and full of laughs lmao.

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The story is too old to be commented.