PES 2015 - Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Gameplay

GodisaGeek: "Two players versus the CPU. Barca v Real Madrid. Taken from the PS4 version of the game".

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totalrecoilzz1513d ago

still not buying it ive gone to the dark side and im lovin it!!

3-4-51513d ago

Have PES 2014 on PC, and I'm fine playing that for now.

I'll get PES 2015 or Fifa 15 once they drop and I decide which I like more.

imtheman20131513d ago

Is the PS4 demo for North America out yet? I thought it was supposed to come out last month but I can't find it in the store. Has it been delayed?

Exari1513d ago

yes, the demo is available. and there may be another demo before the release next month

imtheman20131513d ago

The PS4 version has a demo? In North America? I've checked the Playstation Store at least 10 times, the last time being this morning, and couldn't find anything about PES 2015. Tried searching for it, tried going to the demo section, and even tried the website. The only thing I've found is the PS3 demo...

anticooper1513d ago

this looks really good, i think im gonna preorder this game now:) Peace:)

Inception1513d ago

Konami with PES 2015 really nailed it this year. Graphic are top notch, the animation really smooth, gameplay are obviously better than PES 2014 and 'that' competitor. The only thing that lacks are license. But all PES fans knew we can screw around the license on edit mode.

So, if you want great football games than i suggest to pick up PES 2015. But if you care so much about license than well..there's EA for you.

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