Watch Sunset Overdrive's In-Game Message to Reviewers

"I advise you not to use the phrase ‘Sunset Overhype’ because that’s just lazy writing!”

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Foehammer1678d ago

Great to see Insomniac not taking themselves too seriously.

I think that attitude shines through in the gameplay

Looks fun.

guyman1677d ago

Yea i agree, i'm loving their approach with this game. Looks great, day one

Septic1677d ago

Heh that's pretty cool. I wonder if a review site will go with Sunset Overhype lol.

4Sh0w1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Cool, Insomniac are really just being themselves and its shining through in the gameplay, characters, weapons, story and the whole entire wacky environments which is why this game looks like so much fun. I see some valid curiosity and speculation, I get that but then there usual console warriors who are looking for reasons to knock this game, sure there are unknowns(story) like with any unreleased game but vids like this shows the core formula of a great game. I mean it's easy to say "its going to get boring", a typical unimaginative comment that can be made about any new IP pre-release but frankly it looks like there is alot more to do in this game than a game like inFamous which this game is often compared to. Judging from the vids we've seen so far I haven't heard any sensible explanation of what else they can do to make a open world game like this MORE fun??? Also there's a 8 player co-op the arm chair critics conveniently like to forget about.

Spenok1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

So I never really noticed before. But this game seems to be influenced by Infamous. And that's not at all a bad thing. Too bad I don't have an Xbone. Though this is finally a reason for me to consider it. Assuming the game turns out good of course. However Insomniac has pretty much always made fantastic games......(We'll just omit Fuse from memory), so I have hope.

EZMickey1677d ago

Definitely influenced by Infamous, but far more inspired by old school Tony Hawk's games according to Insomniac.

Majors1677d ago

Hmm looks a lot like Jet Set Radio to me...

TruthInsider 1677d ago

Sunset Overhyped and Suckset TV it is then.

Lennoxb631677d ago

People keep saying this game is influenced by infamous. You do realize that grinding on rails isn't new right? Just a list of games that did it before infamous:

Jet Set Radio
Tony Hawk
Ratchet and Clank

Christopher1676d ago

This is what happens when you give developers freedom to do what they want. Good job Insomniac.

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lifeisgamesok1677d ago

I like how SSO does things different with humor and art style

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bleedsoe9mm1677d ago

does anyone remember another game doing something like this for reviewers ? it will be interesting to see how the react to it .

MasterCornholio1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Are you talking about Destiny?

Critics didn't like that game very much.

No idea why your even suggesting that SSOO will be as bad as Destiny. I might not like the humor because it seems forced to me but I'm pretty sure the game will be fun to play.

bleedsoe9mm1677d ago

i meant a in game message directed at reviewers , i can't remember any other game doing something like this , but my memory could be faulty

Spenok1677d ago

Unless he stealth edited his comment, I fail to see how destiny is at all connected to his comment, and why you brought it up...

MasterCornholio1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


"I fail to see how destiny is at all connected to his comment, and why you brought it up"

That's easy to explain.

Well he mentioned a message directed at reviewers which I connected it with Bungie telling reviewers to not rush their reviews.

The article confused me a bit and I couldt watch the video when I posted my comment due to not having access to a good internet connection at that that time. Which is why I failed to see that it was an in game message directed at reviewers. I apologize for making that mistake because I thought that Insomniac were sending messages to reviewers.

I didn't mean to start anything with my comment.


Now that I understood your comment correctly I don't remember any game including a message like this for reviewers within the game. I'm guessing its part of the humor that they are using for the game. Like the way they handled the narritor and the way the character questions if its in a video game.

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