E3 Preview: Hands On With 'Left 4 Dead'

G4 writes: "TheFeed recently attended a event at EA where we were allowed some Hands On time with some of the most anticipated games EA would be announcing or showing off at E3. Some of them, we can't talk about yet. Others are free and clear and this is just one of several posts today, chronicling some the games we were able to demo at EA's E3 2008 Preview. First up is Valve's co-op shooter, Left 4 Dead."

HighDefinition5464d ago

If I do decided to buy a 360 again, this will be what I will do it for.

This and GeoW2.

Silogon5464d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing for a FPS. It's different!! Can you believe that? It's actually different!! It doesn't have a team of mercs or bad ass soldiers. It doesn't have Army's other than Zombies. I am so getting this on the Pc when it hits!

Sony needs something like this. Bad! the thing is Xbox 360 got another inadvertent exclusive and Sony, once again, is left out of the loop. One more game for the xbox 360's growing library, one less for the Ps3.