Sega Saturn to Receive SD Card Drive

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, the Sega Saturn, nearly a blacker sheep than the Sega 32X in many gamers minds, is finally getting some love from hardware hackers. We have seen the Sega Dreamcast receive the bulk of the interest from hardware hackers in recent times while the Saturn just sits all lonely in its own corner of shame. The Saturn never really received the love it deserved from publishers or gamers alike. When Sega released their 32-Bit answer to the looming Sony Playstation, a full six months ahead of schedule, fans at first were interested and frankly surprised. See, Sega forgot to tell anyone that the Saturn would be shipping six months ahead of schedule, including the game developers and publishers so for that first six months, leading up to the launch of the Playstation mind you, we only saw the initial six or so launch titles on Sega’s new hardware."

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