What a D**k: The Most Annoying FIFA Players

Chris Needham writes: "Like everything in FIFA, Pro Clubs isn't without its hiccups and annoyances. In this case, however, rather than being due to oversights in the game's programming, most of these irritating facets seem to stem directly from your opponents themselves.

While playing Pro Clubs on FIFA 15, we've learnt a lot of things from our opponents; particularly what makes a "cool"-looking player of badass proportions. The techniques listed in this article are the best methods to make you look unique and reveal the green-eyed monster in your opposition… okay, okay; we're being sarcastic. We present today some of the more irritating things we've found plenty of Pro Clubs users doing – probably thinking they're being incredibly funny and creative, but actually achieving little more than to have us rolling our eyes in exasperation.

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