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Crazyglues1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Hope this game turns out to be good... - you never know what you will get with COD...

-but to their credit it does look really good, they did indeed step up the graphics this time around...

-11-3-14 - We shall see..

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AiirJordann231488d ago

And people still complain, if they don't want to play it or even like the game, people still comment about a cod that was made years ago. I say go play battlefield if you not into cod. Im ready all I need is snacks and drinks for the night and rellos

sergons1488d ago

explain me if I don't like cod, why I should play battlecrap?

Army_of_Darkness1487d ago

"you never know what you will get with COD... "

We always know what we're getting with COD bro. lol!

But on a serious note, this one seems different. In fact, this might be the first COD that caught my interest since COD4 :-)

pedrof931487d ago

That's Troy Baker rigth there :D

bouzebbal1487d ago

looks impressive! those guys know how to make fast paced trailers. never tried a COD before but definitely looks good.

up2snuff1487d ago

Are people only allowed to comment if they like something? Some of us have been playing COD(and other shooters) for years and hate seeing what they've done with the franchise. Most of the changes in COD have been terrible and unbalanced. Deathstreaks, Support Streaks, 30 perks....ugh.

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Conzul1488d ago

At least it's something to do while waiting for Destiny DLC.

poppinslops1487d ago

That might be the saddest thing I've ever read...

moegooner881487d ago

lol at your disagrees, they probably never played Destiny in the first place.

Spenok1488d ago

As much as I am surprised to say this, it actually looks pretty good. Kevin Spacey should do a good job making the story worth it I think (hope lol).

I shall rent this to be sure I don't end up disappointed, but who knows.

badvlad1487d ago

ur ps4 tag is so fking lame kid

DoomeDx1487d ago

I think its pretty lame how Kevin Spacey (Frankie Underwood from House of Cards) plays the exact same character here.

ScottyHoss1487d ago house of cards he's a politician, who is more concerned with power gained through government manipulation, and in CoD he preaches that government can't do anything, only war can get you power... I honestly don't see it.
Yes he's ruthless, but frank is a different beast entirely.

maximus19851487d ago

"you never know what you will get with COD"

you must be new here.

Crazyglues1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@ Maximus1985

what I meant by that is that you don't know what it will play like, Black ops type of gameplay or CODMW4 -- you won't know until you play it..

What type of shooting style the developers did. if it had a demo it would make it easy for people to tell if they like this style or they don't. Ghost feels totally different from Black Ops so that's what I meant by you don't know what you will get..

-But I'm sure that flew over most peoples head, because like you said your probably new here, or you would know I've been here... I'm far from new.

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nX1488d ago

New trailer, old footage.

KingWookiee1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

If it isn't Driveclub, Bloodborn will hate it...

Agent20091488d ago

Didn't you forgot?

First rule of the Driveclub is, you do not talk about Driveclub.

maximus19851487d ago

lol second rule is the same the first...because seriously the servers are down

KionicWarlord2221488d ago

Those faces look so good in this game. Game looks great to cant wait to play it.

HaydenJameSmith1488d ago

I know, its like watching one of Kevin Spacey's Movies...

Can't wait to get, should be a lot more refreshing that the usual CoD Games.

ginsunuva1487d ago

Let's make sure we throw Kevin Spacey's face into every trailer at least 5 times so we didn't pay him for nothing.

123pol1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Am i the only one that thinks that cutscenes looks like cgi and not ingame?

Kurisu1488d ago

Your comment can be seen in one of two ways so I'm guessing you're going to get a ton of agrees and disagrees xD

ThunderPulse1488d ago

Yeah the in-game characters looked different.

ginsunuva1487d ago

Probably pre-rendered and post-processed.

tompoulo1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Day Zero!!! Can't wait!!! Looks amazing!!! Skipped Ghosts last year(thank GOD...) and i can't wait for this years instalment.
This and Assassin's Creed Unity will keep my PS4 busy for a longggggg time...

Locknuts1487d ago

You're right about Ghosts. I bought it and it sucks. This looks ok but I'll wait for reviews on my favourite sites.

Unity I can't agree with though. Looks like a step back from Black Flag to me in terms of scope.