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HBO Go on Xbox One Images Leak

Images of HBO Go on Xbox One have purportedly leaked out, indicating the service is ready to come to that console to hit an earlier announced timeframe of sometime this year.

The images in question are said to be of a beta release of the HBO Go app, which has yet to release for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. (It's already available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.)

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Foehammer1736d ago

It just keeps getting better.

donthate1736d ago

Yeah, the Xbox One is turning into a monster!

So much goodness! :D

Dramacydal1736d ago

How exactly? Media apps? I know that's why I spent $500. *queues Price Is Right sad trombone*

jspsc1231736d ago

its turning into my roku

donthate1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


My media box also has some fantastic games this Holiday as well as monthly features. Xbox Live is stable, my game works with it and I get a lot of game time in. Love the media apps as well.

Don't hate. Jump in!!!



Yup, better it can perform the functions of a roku, than not. Yeah?

Don't hate. Jump in!!!


DragoonsScaleLegends1736d ago

I think it's weird how XO and X360 get all kinds of awesome apps and the PlayStation just get's Netflix and Hulu. I guess because Microsoft is an American company and most of these apps are from American companys.

lelo2play1736d ago

The big problem here is that most of those X1 services only work in America... maybe that's why the X1 have crap sales in Europe and Japan.

DragoonsScaleLegends1736d ago

Most likely but I think companys should focus on each territory no differently when it comes to the amount of content they should provide. Microsoft does a great job in the US but I'm pretty sure over half of the stuff XO has here is not available in Japan and Europe. While Sony just doesn't focus on the same things Microsoft does which is a good and bad thing at the same time.

Droidbro1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

As a company, (even MS) you're always going to have limited time and resources and will therefore have to prioritize your market. The US is easily the largest market so prioritizing the US makes sense. Also, when it comes to third party apps like HBO Go, where these apps launch is largely up to the third party app developer. You also have to consider any regulatory red tape that may slow down/prevent the launch of certain apps in certain territories.

Ripsta7th1736d ago

Just netflix and hulu?? What the hell?? On my ps4 it has like 15 video and service apps!!!

_LarZen_1736d ago

Lucky in Norway Sony is not giving shit about that. We don't even have the Sony video store.

Dramacydal1736d ago

You have a TV though, right? Something tells me Sony services aren't the only way you view TV shows/movies.

donthate1736d ago

It has nothing do with being Japanese or American company. It is simply because MS has always focused on becoming a proper media box and cut the disc.

Xbox 360 started Netflix on the streaming path to become what it is today and this is just a continuation of that legacy.

Sony has always been defined by their hardware, so they went after the disc market. A lot of that old management view I bet is still there at the company.

Software_Lover1736d ago

Next year, HBO is doing their own subscription service, away from the cable companies. I think that will be interesting.

Ausbo1736d ago

That's gonna be great. Cause I don't want the cable subscription.

Ra30301736d ago

You'll need to pay the cable company for the use of the HBO app until HBO cuts away from the cable service and that's a year away at soonest and then you'll pay HBO. You'll be paying someone to use that service for sure. I cut the cable cord 5 years ago and stream from the internet to include HBO and only pay for the ISP. I watch mostly live sports ESPN but have no trouble finding what I want to watch in real time. Oddly and sadly only one console I can this on and that's the PS3 though I stream mostly sports on it the other channels I use my computer.

mhunterjr1736d ago

I'm just waiting on this app so I can drop the hbo package from my cable subscription.

slate911736d ago

but I think you still need the cable package in order to stream HBO go right or am I wrong?

Alabamarolltide19901736d ago

@slate91 no you won't need too.

mhunterjr1736d ago


You need to be an HBO subscriber. Currently, the only way to do so is through your cable company. But soon, HBO will allow you to subscribe directly to their streaming service. That's when I'll drop my cable subscription.

Droidbro1736d ago

This is going to be great. I've been waiting for more a la carte internet content so that I can let go of bundled cable. This will make the transition that much easier.

SaffronCurse1736d ago

The Netflix+Hbo bundle will be HUGE for me if they ever plan on bringing it to Canada.

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TRD4L1fe1736d ago

hopefully this comes out in time for Game of Thrones

Shazz1736d ago

I'm sure sky go is due soon for uk owners. Really looking forward to wwe network app for uk and wouldn't mind ufc app

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