Dying Light is "going to change the FPS genre"

Gamereactor talked with a confident Maciej Binkowski who explained to us how Dying Light was going to change the first-person shooter genre forever more.

"The thing that we're most proud of is... unprecedented freedom of movement. Pretty much everything that you see you can just grab your hands on, you can get on top of it. So I really hope that the stuff that we have here, the freedom that we're giving to the players; it's going to change the FPS genre."

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ThunderPulse1487d ago

But Dying Light isn't an FPS....???

ATi_Elite1487d ago

I do think know what Dying Light is but what I do know is that there is a Game series called STALKER and all 3 games allowed you total freedom to break pickup jump on move and damage pretty much everything that wasn't tied down.

So I don't know what dying light has to offer but I don't see it as being genre changing because STALKER has already done it.

Also I remember half life 2 allowing you to pretty much pick up everything like a paint can for instance and paint the walls or fences or combine soilder faces.

ScottyHoss1486d ago

The parcore is awesome, but it won't have a huge impact unless there are some really amazing things they aren't showing us. Who knows? Maybe the story or gameplay will be revolutionary in terms of freedom.

GarrusVakarian1487d ago

Listen, guys...I know you really love your game and are proud of what you have all achieved, but it's really not going to change the genre. At all. It will come and go like the rest of them.

Salooh1487d ago

It's funny how Naughty dog don't claim that even though i would believe them...

Irishguy951487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

They only thing they've done new is...


Nothing? Making good games isn't changing a genre. Imo a change in genre is normally done out of the blue and no one expects it. ND have got cinematics down. Everything else has been done better somewhere else(Story/comedy/plot/gamepla y). To be fair not many devs can do everything up to a high standard all at once(The last of us, Jak and Dax), but great game =/= genre change. ND do things very well, never something unique, the last of us is rare. Not unique. Although I guess console only gamers wouldn't know much about it.

Also i'd like to note, 'genre changing' doesn't necessarily mean the game will be great. How often does a completely unique game actually turn out great? More often than not great games are just games that perfect standard practice in said genre.

Edit - Yes, I often find 'special' people on N4G who resort to insults instead know...actually posting something relevant that refutes my post. Go ahead nucky, don't want to disappoint. We both know i'm right, you just don't want to accept ND haven't done anything new. ND don't claim it because they don't do it.

nucky641487d ago

I knew I had irishguy95 ignored for a reason.

Salooh1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Story telling is unique, no one did it that way , also their graphics and how they made everything in the game important and high quality. They did it with Crash too , they made something unique in each of their games in their times. I don't know why you are lowering their level. They deserve it even if you don't like their games.

Unique games =/= everything new. But what they focus on is new that's why it is unique. They are evolving their visions in each game so it's not something only in the past. Just look at Uncharted 4. No matter how you see it , no other developer can make a quality game like they do. I know each developer have their own vision but not the same wow factor is created when you compare it to naughty dog games. Just compare Uncharted 4 to all 2015 games. Not one game can reach it level of quality . Great game doesn't do that. Unique games does..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1486d ago


You had me until you added the in the edit...

ceballos77mx1485d ago

For you they probably haven't, but all those rewards, gotys for all of their recent games say otherwise.
And heck, it influenced enough that the mother of 3rd person adventures games tomb raider changed in some ways to make it similar to Uncharted.

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joab7771487d ago

This guy should be fired immediately. I get that you are exited and love what u have done, and maybe it will. But it's cardinal rule # something that u don't build unreal expectations, ESPECIALLY for a new IP.

Palitera1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Specially when it is this absurd... And since all their arguments would apply to Titanfall as well (a game in a much higher tier sales wise)... And because no one believed this blatant lie when they told it the other ten times.

Simply bizarre and very annoying.

diesoft1487d ago

Yes. The cardinal rule followed by all companies now. It DEFINITELY hasn't happened in recent memory. Good thing Titanfall didn't do it...or Destiny....or Watch Dogs...

Pandamobile1486d ago

Yes, fire this man for being optimistic about his game.

Skate-AK1487d ago

They might. Adding free-running into a sandbox FPS/FPM (First-Person Melee) could very well change the genre. I don't believe it has been done before. It has only been done in competitive shooters and Third-Person sandbox games. We haven't seen a lot of the game since the delay so there is a lot to still a ton to show. I don't see the reason to be so negative. Any game will come and go if you are simply not interested in it. to others that are, it won't come and go.

GarrusVakarian1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

You misunderstood my comment.

I didn't mean that it will "come and go" in a personal sense, to me, I meant it literally. It will release and people will enjoy it, then more games will release and people will enjoy them. Just like every other game ever released. This one isn't special, they only think it's special because they made it and are blinded by their love for their creation.

I mean, come on, it's an open world zombie game with's going to change an entire genre. No way.

Negative =/= realistic.

ashen1221487d ago it won't. im sure it will be fun tho

IxWoodstockxI1487d ago

im predicting 7-7.5 across every reviewer for this game

Salooh1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

More like 8 to 9 for most. That rating you put would go for dead island.

As for my ratings . It will be........ between 7 and 7.5 for dying light which is great and a 6 for dead island since it doesn't do anything new except for better graphics and more weapon features which will be a normal game that i may have fun in it but won't be something that excites me at all..

Note: My rating is for this gen not last gen which would have different ratings.

Yes i know , i didn't play them but most of the time i have the same rating when i play them. I judge from their visions , videos and some opinions that i trust. So most of the time i know exactly what i will be playing.

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