Freedom Wars Trophy List Revealed

The major PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars now has its trophy list made available to the public in English. The list contains a total of 43 trophies including 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 32 Bronze.

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GuruStarr781464d ago

Great! Pre purchased this today at gamestop (wasn't sure that they'd get that many copies) Can't wait!!

HentaiMasterRace1464d ago

Hopefully this game sells well enough for Sony to consider more AAA.

MegaRay1463d ago

Is it for PSTV too? If so, it can sell very well easily. If not... oh well. Ill still get it for my Vita day one tho

Chaz30101463d ago

Not long to go now! Cannot wait to get this in my Vita and start playing!

cero551463d ago

Day 1 purchase but i honestly think sony is releasing this at the wrong time,to many games releasing within the next few weeks.

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