Space Gemini 2 - Morbid Play Review

Whistler writes "Developed by Little Green Men Games, Starpoint Gemini 2 is an RPG set in space with sandbox elements where you can do all the things you’d expect like trade, take on jobs, save the galaxy and my favourite, become a pirate. Similar to the X series you can choose between the campaign or just dive into an all out sandbox playground to write your own tales in the stars; of which I’ll answer which one you should not pick. After 30 minutes of the campaign I can tell you not to bother with SG2’s story, it’s an overdone cliché of avenging your father with some of the worst voice acting I’ve heard in a while.
You play Bobby Joe/Jane, Gabriel Faulkner (who is bland, uninteresting and isn’t worth remembering) on a routine mission is separated from their father’s ship which leads to his demise and from there you begin your quest of vengeance"

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