Driveclub Devs Promise to Fix Impossible Speed Bug, News on DLC and PlayStation Plus Edition Soon

Driveclub players have been encountering a rather funny glitch lately, showing impossible speeds displayed at targets in face-off challenges. Luckily Evolution promised a solution, as much as news on DLC and PlayStation Plus edition, but advised that further online disruption might be coming.

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Mechanism1460d ago

There are sackable offences within Evolution Studios and Sony for this one to be honest..


tgunzz1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

These kinds of screw-ups can turn into class action lawsuits... I hope Evolution/Sony gets this resolved soon... Their overall execution with this game is absolutely horrible. The right move would have been another delay.

Immorals1460d ago

One of the worst launches that I can remember. I'd think it was a new studio releasing their first game if I didn't know any better!

Applejack1460d ago

Sadly I have to agree with you.

Bennibop1460d ago

It's no where near as bad as battlefield 4 which after 12 months has only just been fixed, I agree it's annoying but game launched 2-3 weeks ago and is trying to do some new things plus evolution have acknowledged that there are problems with online aspects how many developers in the past have buried their head in the sand!

Volkama1460d ago

But at least bf4 was excellent when it worked.

lsujester1460d ago

I could at least log in and play BF4 when it launched, unlike Driveclub. I'll take gameplay issues over no connection anyday.

Having said that, Driveclub is a fun game. And when the miracle occurs and you're online, the time trials, ghost cars, etc, make it tremendously better. But I've had two nights over the last week and a half where I actually got that.

Jide1460d ago Show
MysticStrummer1460d ago

It has been very bad. I was confused by the lower scores at first but when a very online focused game has problems connecting online, after nearly a year's delay mind you, there's not much else to defend. It's too bad because the game looks stunning and will only get more so when the full weather system is in, but Evolution should be ashamed and Sony should have made sure things were working better also.

I do wonder though, how many of the people like Mechanism up there who are calling this a sackable offense give Bethesda a pass every time they release a new Elder Bugs game. They've been doing it for about twenty years now and even got a Developer of the Year award for Skyrim. I suppose online bugs get much more bad press.

d0x3601460d ago

Elder scrolls is buggy because it uses the gamebryo engine which is the worst engine in history. That said despite its bugs elder scrolls games by and large work.

bleedsoe9mm1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

its worse than the simcity launch and that is saying something .

@Riderz1337 simcity took about 4 or 5 days to get it working , go find me a post where i said something bad about a game like bloodborne . i own every console i don't blindly worship a piece of plastic unlike some people.

Riderz13371460d ago Show
Riderz13371460d ago

Clearly you don't remember Battlefield 4.

Ciporta19801460d ago

How about a certain game released last year called gta v? For me that was much more unforgivable because they knew the potential demand and it was unplayable for over a month. From what I gather it still even now doesn't have some of the promised multiplayer features. (Sold my copy after 3 weeks of disappointment)

d0x3601460d ago

Kinda a big difference there. GTA was a massive open world game which increases the complexity of the networking aspects drastically. Also GTA sold like 10 million copies in the first few days so the servers would being hammered. Driveclub probably hasn't sold more than 200k games in any region and considering what servers you play on are based on geography it shouldn't be an issue.

Back-to-Back1460d ago

The only launch that comes close is Socom. Right after that game came out PSN got hacked.

d3nworth11460d ago

This is why if you're going to release a game where the gameplay is dependent on online you do public beta test. If they did most the server issues could have been resolved before launch.

swishersweets200311460d ago

i think immorals forgot about bf4 launch. That game wasn't functional period.

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wantedboys1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

they should had released a beta to test their server before releasing the full game

bleedsoe9mm1460d ago

then everyone would have known how bad the game was and canceled their preorders . sony isn't getting nearly enough criticism for this launch if MS tryed this crap the internet would have exploded in rage .

Sweep141460d ago

Except that this game, while having online problems, is an excellent racer, way more addictive than what's already been released on next gen consoles...

Angerfist1460d ago

And yet still legions claim it's a great game.
Evolution Studios should be ashamed and Sony cut them loose for this Embarrassment.

lsujester1460d ago

I don't know about cut them loose, but definitely keep a closer eye on any future projects, for sure.

BTW, it is a fun game in those few moments you're actually online. But when you're not connected, it's missing a huge part of what makes it good.

TheBrownBandito1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

It's actually far better offline where you aren't faced with everybody driving like a five year old the dodgems.

I love this game and when the challenge modes are enabled, this part of the online element will hopefully justify the original vision.

badz1491460d ago

it is a great game! what are you talking about? sure the hiccups sucks but the game is fully playable offline and just the online portion needs major overhaul.

speaking about the glitch, I found them several times too and when I came into this face-off, and I see the speed I'm facing off with, I was like "WTH? did somebody just brought a freakin rocket to this race??" and I also met the drift face-off with the score of numbers in the trillions! kinda funny but seriously...they need to fix it quick!

Charybdis1460d ago

Think the game itself is a very good fundation for a new racing ip/franchise. They just needed to have more time to fully flesh the game out and test it online before releasing it.

Riderz13371460d ago

Just because you can't play online, doesn't mean it's not a great game. You realize there's a single player component right?

And what would you know, you haven't even played the game so you can't speak for everyone else who has.

_FantasmA_1460d ago

It is a good game. Only my second racing game I've bought in the last 10 years and its really fun. I am trying to master it and get every single challenge.

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TheStrokes1460d ago

I'm not a big fan of racers and I was so close to buying this... I probably still will once it's fixed and they have the weather etc...

But it is a bit of a disaster. Shame too.

NinjaRichParty1460d ago

I'm in the same boat. I was kind of looking forward to this game. I'm not big on racing games, but I figured I'd give this one a go on the PS+ version and if I enjoyed it, pick it up. This whole fiasco has really put a damper on my want for the game.

bez871460d ago

Me to, exact same boat, not a fan of racers, but really enjoyed MotorStorm and I'm still pretty baffled as to why they didn't make a glorious looking MotorStorm than a bog standard point A to Point B racer, but was going to try the PS+ Version, but it honestly is hurting there reputation, and really is the integration of this so called community thing even that new anymore and yet they still can't sort server problems out, for me DriveClub is looking like the biggest waste of time for an Exclusive, a bland and ordinary racer with challenges, great decision Evolution, get rid of a great flagship arcade racer for this *claps*

lsujester1460d ago

Not saying anything to agree or disagree, but just wanted to say that is one glorious run-on sentence you just wrote there. :)

Sweep141460d ago

Yep, don't hesitate giving it a try when the PS+ edition is available. It's a very addictive racer.

TheStrokes1460d ago

I Definitely won't be missing the PS+ version. It's just a waiting game now :)

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