Next Week’s Releases: Witches, Wangs and Warriors

A great week for Wii U owners who have a brace of exclusives that has other format holders seething with jealousy. There’s quite the musical theme elsewhere with the latest Just Dance title and Harmonix’s motion-controlled take on Fantasia. The words Firaxis and Alpha Centauri are probably enough to get our PC-gaming readers excited, not to mention a certain Dreamfall title. Read on for the full rundown along with links to our past coverage and the cheapest prices.

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DryBoneKoopa851680d ago

Next Thursday Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow hits the Eshop as well! Then the following week Demons Crest and Gargoyle Quest come to the Eshop! October is an amazing month to be a Wii U owner!

CervantesPR11680d ago

im going to get bayonetta 2

NovusTerminus1680d ago

Bayo 2 & Korra.

I like Avatar, and I like Platinum.

rebeljoe141680d ago

Not hopeful for Samurai Warriors 4, yeah not sure if you guys are living under a rock but Dynasty Warriors 8 got 8s and 9s across the board and was like a totally different game. Samurai Warriors 4 next week will also change gameplay tremendously and make for a great game in this dull year