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GR-UK writes: "It's shortly after 1pm, there's a knock at the door. Suddenly a cruel silence descends over this place of refuge. No one dares make a sound. Everyone stares at the ground. The silence is interrupted by another knock. Someone's at the door, and whoever it is, he does not stop knock knock knocking. Katia goes up and looks through the keyhole. There is an old man. Suddenly he begins to speak, somehow he must have sensed the movement on the other side of the door. But since no-one answers, he knocks again. We can't pull down the handle, otherwise we might open the door to danger. What if this unassuming old man is the vanguard of a bandit gang intending to robs us. Maybe even kill us? All we have to do is open the door, and then we'll know for sure."

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