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"Disney Infinity 2.0 is clearly a very good game, however it still doesn't feel like Disney have made enough progress for it to become a great game. Still, Disney and Marvel fans alike, will find this a very enjoyable experience." - Nintendo Feed

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MetroidFREAK211464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

But how can a game be enjoyable at only 600p... Am I right N4G members? I mean come on, it's not 1080p so it must be terrible

Skate-AK1464d ago

600p is pretty terrible dude. Dev was just lazy with the port.

MetroidFREAK211464d ago

Lol I know. That was the joke, I'm sure it still plays just fine though

fishy11464d ago

Calls it a very enjoyable experience, and yet tells nothing about gameplay or the game itself to back it up. All I see is a short toybox review and a figurine collector raving about collecting toys. Next time, for a game review, try and review the gameplay.

nintendofeed1462d ago

Due to time and staffing restrictions, Nintendo Feed chooses to place less emphasis on detail within post-release reviews and instead focusing our efforts on pre-release content.

Thankyou for addressing your concerns and any specific questions around the game or Nintendo Feed in general may be forwarded to our Editor on: [email protected]