Welcome to Utherverse: A Massive Online Game Where You Can Live Out Virtual Fantasies

"Ever wished you could take a vacation from real life to a place where you are always beautiful, young, rich, successful and having a great time? Over 50 million people in the world are doing this right now, in a corner of the web known as Utherverse."

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WeAreLegion1676d ago's Second Life.

Is the engine better than Second Life's?

HammadTheBeast1675d ago

Is the community better than Second Life's?

WeAreLegion1675d ago

The team is very open to sexual gameplay. I imagine it's about the same. Haha.

TheOpenWorlder1676d ago

But what if I'm already beautiful, young, rich, successful and already having a good time...?

ScottyHoss1676d ago

Then you're going to have a bad time.

SonyWarrior1676d ago

The graphics, physics and net code really hold these types of games back... How can you get into a game that looks and plays like that?

Sarobi1676d ago

You could live your fantasy of being an ugly, old, poor, failure!

KwietStorm1675d ago

What are you doing on N4G?

Maxor1675d ago

You wouldn't be posting here if you were. In which case this game is perfect for you.

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dillhole1676d ago

That video seems like a parody:

"The VWW (virtual world web) is designed to replace the current 2d version of the internet"

Yeah, good luck with that.

scark921676d ago

'The Onion' are probably gutted at the fact that this reality could have been their satire, but I guess this just fuels them with more believable content in the end! xD

Army_of_Darkness1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"53% of Utherverse's users are women and a majority of users are university educated and in their twenties and thirties"

LMFAO! why do I not believe that for even a split second.
Getting their stats from fake accounts I guess haha!

SMcNu7151676d ago

It's an MMORPG

Many Men Online Role Playing Girls

Neixus1676d ago

Screenshotting that and putting in my funny folder, ahahah thanks!

scark921676d ago

I have to remember that xD
and I will use it!

twdll1675d ago

That us funny. Made my smile muscles hurt. And it's absolutely true.

CertifiedGamer1676d ago

Why would I want to simulate reality on Playstation 2 graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.