Eurogamer - Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer

As played at this year's Gamescom and EGX on Xbox One, multiplayer in Advanced Warfare is a very different beast to the work-in-progress Seoul campaign mission shown at Microsoft's E3 event. Set across a broad rotation of maps, from the snowy Biolab complex to the futuristic gloss of Defender, it's clear changes were needed to boost multiplayer performance above the variable 30-60fps seen in solo play. But in the visual sense, what has changed in order to hit the all-crucial 60fps target, as demanded by the series' competitive players?

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kalimero21677d ago

"Running at a native 1600x900 at both events (a boost from the E3-era 882p), little has changed to Xbox One's rendering setup for multiplayer, suggesting this number is a lock for all modes in the final release"

another sub 1080p game on xbox one.

MasterCornholio1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Well at least its an improvement from Ghosts. I guess the SDK update did a lot for the developers but not enough to achieve 1080P.

GameNameFame1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Xbox was is was already reaching limit. SDK was used to keep up and power gap was too big to be closed by sdk update.. Funny how some people thought it will close the gap.

So they thought that 10 percent tflop increase on x1 was huge increase, but 40 percent tflop on ps4 was not? There is power difference and gap won't close.

VealParmHero1677d ago

Ghosts didnt really look that much diff on ps4 and x1...i did the comparison right on my own tv. but the 1080 res deff gave it a clear edge. at any rate, ghosts was far from impressive graphhically and so i was discouraged by the 720 res. at least here, we get to 900p with a still solid 60fps and all while running a much more taxing engine. so yea, people can go ahead and start the res debate and crap all over the x1 version etc. but to me it is more than fine.

ChronoJoe1677d ago

I think it's worth bearing in mind that we haven't even seen the PS4 version of this game. It's not quite fair to critisize the XBOXONE version without evidence that the PS4 version outperforms it.

From what we know of Activsion, and Call of Duty across last generation. It would not surprise me if both versions were sub 1080p.

UltimateMaster1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You know, you got to give props to Xbox for achieving this. Not only is it in a higher resolution, but also looks better significantly better graphically than Ghost did.

I still think that it should have been achieving it in 1080p.

Regardless, it's a steady locked 60fps. It's going to be much better than Ghost, can't say the same for other developers.
Again, give props to Phil Spencer for releasing that extra power.

UltimateMaster1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


The Xbox One didn't became 10% stronger than it already was, it didn't became 110% or the hardware.

It's just, at launch, the kinect made the Xbox One 10% Weaker than it's 1.2Tflops, so it didn't have all it's extra power. (1.2-10%=1.08Tflops)
1.08Tflops VS 1.8Tflops = the PS4 version 66.7% stronger. That's why the Xbox One version was 720p instead of 900p.

The GPU power difference remains 50%. 1.2Tflops for the Xbox One, 1.8TFlops for the PS4.

Resolution difference in pixels:

wsoutlaw871676d ago

You can't say thats all from the sdk update. Theres also the fact that ghosts was basicly a launch game and they've had more time

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KionicWarlord2221677d ago

900p with locked 60 fps in the multiplayer. Good stable performance in there video.

Should perform great on xbox one. Cant wait to try the multi out.

jspsc1231677d ago

i hope its locked 60. ghosts on ps4 had bad dips even in single player. i played all the cods on 360 and the next gen version i tried preformed the worst.

Qrphe1677d ago


PS4 version wasn't capped so it would go up to 90 which would "seem" as stutter to some.

jspsc1231677d ago

i thought it was dips not spikes in the frame rate but i could be wrong. what ever it was it was horrible

SnackAttacker1677d ago

Qrphe - LMAO. No, the PS4 version didn't got to 90fps...

Edvin19841677d ago

@KionicWarlord222 Thank you for posting never really seen un-edited multiplayer footage. I think @900p I should be fine, as I have a choice of PC,PS4, or X1; however, friends gaming on X1 will make this a happier decision love that rock solid 60fps thats what matters to a blind bat like me. As long as the game is solid steady FPS I am happy camper...yeah camper camp for my kills hahah... again thanks for posting very insightful.

starchild1677d ago


Lol that's not the way it works. Even if it did run at 90fps, it would never cause stutter. All it would do is allow a unique frame to be delivered at each refresh of the display, which would provide for a silky smooth rock solid 60fps.

It has been proven that there are drops below 60fps, and this is what causes the stuttering.

redwin1677d ago

Solid 60 fps and Xbox live, MW if definitely an Xbox title for me. Too bad that BloodBorn does not come out at the same time, I would have gotten it instead.

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ScottyHoss1677d ago

I'm not sure which one to get this on, if I get it. Definitely going to buy a used copy and trade it in later.

ThePope1677d ago

How about you give money to the people that deserve it. You know the people that made it. You do Realize that GameStop doesn't make anything right? That giving them money is akin to saying I don't believe developers deserve the $$ for their hard work.

No I know all you care about is saving $20, forget making sure there are as many game studios as possible to make games so we can have diversity.

ScottyHoss1677d ago

I was thinking kijiji, gamestop is a sham. If someone does not like the game after buying it for full price then I'll gladly take it off their hands. Also, there has been a price hike where I live this generation, I'm not going to accept that for a game I won't play a ton, it's not worth 70 dollars.

You realize most the money goes to Activision right? And if that person can't sell it on Kijiji then they're going to go to gamestop (EB games here), where they will buy it for cheap and line their own pockets. If the game is good I'll get the seasons pass on PSN/XBL and that will make the game the price it should be, 60 dollars, assuming it's 40 online.

The guy who bought it isn't going to be playing it, and he still payed full price to the publishers/developers.

Your point is invalid as f***, and my time used in order to get 60 dollars justifies the purchase, while 90-100 dollars is too much. Doing the math I can save 30-40 dollars and cost the developer nothing while inhibiting gamestop rip off trade in values.

HammadTheBeast1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )


Normally I'd agree, but Activision can go **** themselves.

If the game's any good, they'll make the money back with the stupid amount of DLC they overcharge for.

Whoever buys the copy of the game is free to do with it as they wish. Selling it to someone else is perfectly fine.

dcj05241677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Talk about nuking a dead horse

3-4-51677d ago

To me, 60 FPS matters more than 1080p.

720 would be noticeable, but 900 looks almost identical to 1080p....but slightly worse.

* 60 fps is VERY noticeable compared to 30 fps, more so than 900p is to 1080p.

TAURUS-5551677d ago

no doubt the PS4 version will look and play better

SnackAttacker1677d ago

Who gives a crap? Thanks for the analysis, tho..

CertifiedGamer1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

By having less frame-rate drops on Multiplayer and 60 fps along the single player. The game is running between 30-60 fps on the single player campaign on X1 which means PS4 plays better.

CaptainObvious8781677d ago

People wonder why the resolution debate just won't seem to end. You only have to look at TAURUS's disagree to see why it won't stop.

No one is saying the PS4 is a supercomputer, but it's more powerful than the xbone. That's not opinion, that's fact.

I wish we could all just accept it so we can get back to talking about the games. Please.

WilDRangeRfc1677d ago

Look not play, Ghosts played smoother on X1, PS4 frame drops made the game unplayable and I have both so I know you don't so cut the BS

badvlad1677d ago

xbox controll is superior to ps4, i cant play it with my thumbs. Im not a fan boy i dont give a fu

slasaru011677d ago

Plays better offline, lol?

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jc121677d ago

More of the same from this franchise - it's essentially turned into Madden. Game has the same old fast-paced twitchy gun play with static environments, no strategy, and no real-time destruction...Nothing about this game is next-gen or original, I'm sorry.

torchic1677d ago

"Game has the same old fast-paced twitchy gun play with static environments, no strategy, and no real-time destruction"

so you basically hate Call of Duty because it isn't Battlefield?

CertifiedGamer1677d ago

Battlefield has stopped having real-time destruction since Bad Company 2. BF3, and BF4 are more like selective destruction than real-time destruction.

hkgamer1677d ago

real time destructin can be cool at times, but not every game needs this.

jc121676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

@torchic: No, COD doesn't have to be Battlefield, even though BF4 is a much more genuine effort than anything Activision has put forward in the last 6 years. The Frostbite engine puts Cod's engine to shame in terms of dynamism and capability.

How can anyone call the upcoming COD game innovative or "next-gen" in scope when none of the environments are interactive, its still every player for himself with 0 strategy, and a grenade launcher doesn't blow a hole in a wooden fence? Im sorry, but with the resources Activision has at their disposal, there's no reason why they can't push for a bit more innovation and realism.

You want to talk about next gen, look at the game play videos for Rainbow Six: seige; that game is a great example of how a developer should use strategy, team work, fear of death, and real-time destruction to create a genuinely "fresh", "next-gen" experience.

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ThunderPulse1677d ago

At least they aren't doing the parity thing like Ubisoft.

ramiuk11677d ago

im actually looking forward to it.
only thing i want reduced is quickscope and shotgun range.
but i like the level design

oh and in all the videos the guns sound like pitter patter,i hope its just certain guns.

gamer91676d ago

AWESOME. Hope every X1 game is 900p this gen. I’ll gladly take the extra detail & frames over pushing for extra resolution =)

hades071676d ago

Oh look more resolution statements. I used to enjoy coming to this site to read comments but now it all seems to be the same thing. Xbox one runs games at 900P to have the same visuals as the PS4 at 1080P. It's common knowledge at this point point that this is becoming the norm, why do people need to keep stating it everytime. What a waste of discussion.

BallsEye1676d ago

did you notice that almost 720p resolution in Killzone on ps4 untill lie came out? No?
1600x900 is so close to 1080p you will not see the difference.

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CervantesPR11677d ago

if its running at 900P on xbox one this should have no issues running at 1080P on PS4

i just hope there isnt another corporate parity BullS**t issue


Septic1677d ago

relax mate. The last one ran @ 1080p on ps4 so why are you panicking now?

CaptainObvious8781677d ago

The last assassin's creed also ran at 1080p on the PS4 and look how that panned out.

hkgamer1677d ago

different engine, different team.

Volkama1677d ago

I hope it has dedicated servers this time

If both things came to pass (and ignoring timed exclusivity bull) which version would be best to people here?

SoapShoes1677d ago

You realize more PS3 games had dedicated servers than 360, right? It's not like they can't use them on every game it's that they don't want to because of cost. Oh and guess what happens 5 years down the road when they take down the servers? Yeah, the game is unplayable.

Volkama1677d ago

I realise there is a difference between what Sony can offer and what Microsoft can offer. And I realise previous COD games have been peer to peer.

Why does my hypothetical question bother you so much?

SoapShoes1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Why does my comment bother you so much? I wasnt even responding to your question but to the other part of your comment. Obviously this is not a Microsoft made game so it's all upto Activision's discretion. Therefore your analogy makes no sense as they have access to PS4s hardware but not Microsoft's servers.

uptownsoul1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I doubt Activision would want to give Microsoft that much power over their game…Activision doesn't want any possibility of Microsoft saying "Our servers, Our rules"…That's not guaranteed to happen but it's guaranteed not to happen if they don't put their game on Microsoft's "free" servers.

HaydenJameSmith1677d ago

Well to try and answer your question, Call of Duty Ghosts used dedicated servers on X1 and PC, not sure bout PS4... So most likely it will be using dedicated servers on Xbox One and PC again. Last Gen consoles unlikely and PS4 I couldn't tell ya...

Volkama1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

It's within the realms of possibility, as it was supposed to happen (and was very publically announced) for Ghosts.

I gather it didn't actually happen, though don't play it and never saw anything official. And either way, Ghosts was awful so nobody cared.

It would be a tangible advantage for the One version, just as the (likely) 1080p res would be a tangible advantage for the PS4 version.

None of it may happen, but it'd be an interesting conversation if it did right? More so if COD turns out to be good.

BX811677d ago

Yo soap stay on topic. Were clearly talking about next gen.... pull your head out of your fourth point of contact....

Cpt price out!

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Future_20151677d ago

Console players have no choice on what resolution or settings they can play at so your arguments are to put it respectfully meaningless

SnackAttacker1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Troll, troll, go away. Please come back another day.

WilDRangeRfc1677d ago

You lot are dumb,Sony pushing COD Ghosts devs to get 1080p made the framerate dips unbearable and the game unplayable at times,it didn't look as crisp on X1 but ran way better and had zero drops in FPS,you guys need to sort your priorities out seriously what is wrong with you people,I have pre ordered COD AW on my X1 instead of PS4 this time because of this 1080p BS which is being used to fool consumers,smooth gameplay lower res>a juddering mess higher res,sort your shit out people and wake up,there's a 10% difference between these machines nothing more

ThanatosDMC1677d ago

Lol, get your facts straight. Ghost ran better on PS4 and was visually better looking.

Bennibop1677d ago

Such a troll! There was no frame drops on PS4, the game was patched at launch!

Haru1677d ago

Microsoft should stop holding back the games, like really they should be greatfull that developers still bother with their poor console -_-

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corroios1677d ago

because of the deal between Microsoft and Activision

TheNew11677d ago

The game looks like it's performing great. It looks like it's locked at 60fps, now let's hope we can get more info on this secret game mode that's not Exo Survival.

FullmetalRoyale1677d ago

Whaaa? Any substance to this extra mode anybody? I remember being disappointed when they revealed their coop mode(not that I expected zombies) because it was generic looking, to me.

It didn't make me cancel my preorder, but it did take some of the wind out of the sails. So you are saying there might some third, unannounced mode?