UK Video Game Chart: MGS4 knocked off the top

Chart Track reports that Metal Gear Solid 4 has lost its place at the top of the All Formats All Prices UK video game chart after only one week at No.1. It's Activision's LEGO Indiana Jones which returns to the top for a second week.

Atari's Alone in the Dark debuts at No.3, and is followed by GTA 4 at No.4 and Wii Play at No.5. Other new entries include Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII at No.10, Top Spin 3 at No.12 and Cooking Guide at No.19.

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paul_war4745d ago

Well Lego is all formats, but still a shame for MGS.

Not bad for Alone in the Dark & I hope Civ Rev can hang in there.

Superfragilistic4745d ago

Civ Rev is fantastic. It's all I've played the last week, except for the odd MGO and NG2. It's easily the best strategy title I've ever played on a console and the increased pace, combat emphasis and reduced micromanagement make it a joy to play. Multiplayer is wicked. :)

FreeMonk4745d ago

seeing that GTA4 was stuck at the top of the charts for weeks and weeks, it's a shame that MGS4 got knocked off by a far inferier game of Lego Indiana Jones!!

I know the LEGO IJ is multi-platform, but I'd hope MGS4 would have a couple of weeks at number one.

I'm sure if Sony trimme £50 / $50 off the console price, the console plus copies of MGS4 would fly of the shelf!

nbsmatambo4745d ago

GTA4 was multiplatform 2

solidt124745d ago

LEGO INDIANA JONES: ORIGINAL ADVENTURES , Wow, I can't even be mad at lego's because they are cool.

solidt124745d ago

Im just glad it is still beating GTA IV and a new comer Along in the Dark.

SUP3R4745d ago

Report this story as fake!!!
The official numbers show MGS4 on top!

Superfragilistic4745d ago

Neither is false or as Super puts it fake. Both are reporting on the same data. But this article regards all titles across all platforms, whilst the other ranks titles as exclusives.

Same data but different story angles. You two should learn to read. lol

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Lex Luthor4745d ago

That was quick.
Very suprising since it's MGS4.

zypher4745d ago

MGS4 is a single platform game. Lego Indiana Jones is on like five or so systems. for that reason i'm more impressed by both the number two and number three sellers, though i don't live in Europe.

fenderputty4745d ago

MGS4 is for a much smaller niche market then Lego Indiana Jones which would sell due to the name alone.

360 man4745d ago

ha ha ha 2.1 and 2.2 trying to defend and justify the reasons for such a hefty 59% drop

fenderputty4745d ago

I'm not saying anything different than xbox fans did previous to MGS4's release when speculation was the in thing to do for MGS4 sales. This isn't a justification, its fact. It's not like the game was a wimp in sales anyway.

Gam714745d ago

Putty going of comments on here from ps3 fans before the game was released I was led to believe that mgs would be bought by every ps3 owner, and all the people that owned a ps2 but hadn't gone to ps3 was only waiting for this game to come out before joining this gen.

It hasn't turned out this way.
niche doesn't justify it.

This game will cop a lot of agro not because its a bad game but because of the claims ps3 fans made in the run up.

fenderputty4745d ago

Chart-track just came in with MGS4 on top again. Everything in here is a mute point.

Either way, I cannot speak for all PS3 fans. Only for myself. I know MGS4 is a great game that will sell well. I don't pretend to think it's the end all be all of gaming sales though.

Gam714745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

So you can comment on xbox fans (not being one) but will only speak for yourself with regards to the ps3?

You can speak for why gamers would buy indy over mgs but now you only speak for yourself?

you think the name lego indy is more of well known in gaming than mgs!?!

You think the gaming public would know more about indy than mgs?

So the 120mil ps2 owners only a niche amount knew of mgs?
get real

And thank god for chart track.
i take it you don't mean the completely different chart which has the individual systems sales as opposed to this which goes by the game itself, as that is a different chart to this one, now you dont have to get the dutch chart.

fenderputty4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Dude ... what are you going on about? I'm not speaking for the xbox community. I'm agreeing with those who commented about MGS being a rather Niche game. I've even posted in review threads supporting people who've reviewed the game less then a 9 because I believe this game isn't one that appeals to everyone. Whether its a known franchise or not.

I can't speak for all the PS3 community. When I say that, I mean that I can't take back all the idiotic things the PS3 fanboys say. I never agreed and never will agree with anyone claiming "death to the 360" due to specific game. I never said this game will be the most amazing selling game ever and will propel it past the Wii and 360. I never said this game is going to make all the current PS2 owners jump ship into the new gen. If you can't tell I'm trying not to group myself with these said people.

Also, regardless of whether or not Lego Indy is a known game, releasing it across ALL platforms and adding the name Indiana Jones to the title is bound to increase sales amongst casuals. Looks at how well Pirates sold, or transofrmers, or spiderman. All sh1t games that sold well due to a name.

zypher4745d ago

it seems like no one can have a legitimate comment or point of view without someone else automatically pushing them into a certain catagory of gamer.


why would i need to justify anything? i have no affiliation to Konami or Sony. it only takes a little bit of common sense to deduce that PS3's low install base, MGS4 appealing to a niche market, and Indiana Jones' multiplatform availability all three contributed to the current sales turnout. i simply own MGS4, and think it is a good game.

fenderputty4745d ago

Seriously ... I know this site has more than it fair share of fanboys, but that doesn't make it safe to go around assuming everyone falls into one of those classifications.

Gam714745d ago

Fair enough fender

I understand if you wouldn't want to be lumped with them, its when you made the comment on xbox fans and about it being a niche it sounded like you was coming from the angle as them lot.

Damage control, spinning facts to suit themselves, if a website disagrees with their point of view its paid for by M$, attack halo 3 because it... gave us more of what halo and halo 2 did which you can't ask for more from a trilogy.

The problem is with so many idiots on here that want to attack attack attack if you are going to make a valid or even un-biased point law of averages states it will eventually sound like one of their comments which is what happened here.
Even they have to make a valid point by accident from time to time. You know what they say, throw enough s**t at a wall and some has to stick.

If that was your own personal point that you came to by yourself through reason and thought instead of pack mentality i accept that as it was given and can see your point.

I'll also try to remember that in the future when i read a comment from you.

dantesparda4745d ago

Why are you calling him a fanboy, when you're a fanboy too? Really everybody on this site is a fanboy (except me of course :-P). There's just varying degrees of it, that's all.

Gam714745d ago


there are varying degrees.
It's the extreme thats usually what people are talking about when it comes to fanboys.

Of course I can see how you was confused not being a fanboy/girl yourself.

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niall774745d ago

its on them all right?

so PS3,360,wii,Ps2,DS,psp right

Gam714745d ago

And owners of PS3,360,wii,Ps2,DS,psp all bought a copy for all the systems they own?

zypher4745d ago

no. just that, collectively speaking, the install base of the 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and DS far outweighs just the PS3. Indiana Jones is available to at least 70 million people, versus MGS4 thats available to about 14 million currently, and thats assuming that all DS owners also own the 360, PS3, PSP and Wii.

Pornlord4745d ago

It's the fact that it sold so many copies and only on one system that made it impressive anyway. Of course lego will be up there, it's on every system and the game is mildly entertaining.

LiquifiedArt4745d ago

when your releasing on 5 systems like lego indie ofcourse. Still, MGS4 will be in the top runners for awhile its a cinematic experience like nothing else.

Gam714745d ago

People will still only buy 1 version of the game.

Multi-plat isn't an excuse. This was supposed to be the sytems best seller, in fact THE system seller.

Unless lego has sold more than a million in the uk there is no excuse for ps3 fans not to buy this.

This is what has been showcased since before the ps3 was released.
How long have people known about lego indy?

PoSTedUP4745d ago

it might of sold out who knows. if not, like niall77 said- its on all 5-6 systems wile mgs4 is on only one system.