Exclusive: Inside the EndWar Beta! wrote, "I was one of the special people picked to take part in the Tom Clancy's EndWar Beta. Over the week and all this weekend, I've spent a ton of time with it. I've made a ton of notes on the invite-only multiplayer beta of one of the most highly anticipated console RTS games of the season….

As part of accepting the entry code to the EndWar beta, I was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement by Ubisoft's lawyers. In keeping with that agreement, I sent my first draft of this little shocker of an article to Ubisoft's fleet of lawyers to see if they were okay with my revelations. They made a few alterations, but overall, I was surprised at how much I got away with, to share with the Sarcastic gamer faithful…

And I'm gonna spill it all, after the jump."

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ThichQuangDuck4746d ago

been playing too much battlefield demo.

ry-guy4746d ago


High quality preview.

TiKiMaN14744d ago

HAHAHAH!! Hilarious.

I actually signed the NDA as well or else I would spill the beans too.