Everybody Shut Up: Why GamerGate is Pointless

Everyone has an opinion on "#GamerGate", but nobody really wants to hear anyone else's. Check out AUTOMATON's newest opinion piece and relax with the soothing sounds of Graham Arthur dropping some rage/sense up in here.

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animegamingnerd1462d ago

if its an end to the practices of sites like Kotaku then yeah it has a point

AUTOMATON1462d ago

Unfortunately, since "video games and reporting thereof" isn't considered as "important" as something like, say, banks/corporations laundering money or politicians being bought and sold, nobody in any position to do so is going to bother enacting any new laws or anything like that, so no matter how this whole thing turns out it most likely won't spell the end to anything. All it's likely to do is further piss off and provoke people who have plenty of yelling and name-calling to do, but not much else to do in the way of actually making any sort of significant change to anything. -_-;;