Naruto: UNS playable for the first time ever at Japan Expo, Paris

NAMCO BANDAI Games have announced this morning that [the PS3 exclusive] Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm will be playable for the first time ever at the Japan Expo in Paris. The Japan Expo starts on July 3rd, ends on July 6th.

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Alexander Roy4741d ago

I really hope the game can live up to the graphics. When they first showed the trailer, I thought they edited it out of the anime. If you haven't watched it, do it now - if nothing else, this games look is close to perfection (read: looking just like an episode).

rroded4741d ago

trailers looked fantastic

Luca Blight4741d ago

i'm excited for the demo in the next Qore. That's definetely worth the 2.99 or 3.99 they ask for.

Wildarmsjecht4741d ago

Same, with tax, final cost is 3.19 so it's an epic steal. Im looking forward to what they have in store in terms of interviews, previews and the likes 2. Qore is looking more and more like a viable purchase each month. If it goes on for 5 months with some great content and exclusives, I'll get the yearly subscription.