Gears of War Xbox One To Be Cross-Gen?

"Black Tusk Studios, the developers who have been tasked with carrying on the Gears of War series, are currently working on a new title for the Xbox One, though there's also a chance that there's an Xbox 360 version in development too."

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TXIDarkAvenger1675d ago

Please no. Stop this cross gen stuff.

whoyouwit041675d ago

Why?? there is no reason to stop support as long as it is given the same treatment as FH2. 2 teams 2 consoles, it's as simple as that. not only that this gives us xbox owners far more confidence that Microsoft want abandon the xbox one so quickly because of new hardware 5 to 10 years from now.

psvitamanfan1675d ago

Agreed. FH2 was great on the Xbox One without being compromised by there being an Xbox 360 version. If the same is true with Gears, I can't see many people complaining.

TXIDarkAvenger1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Actually your right. 360 owners can be happy with some crap game and keep throwing their money at it because I won't. Forgot the 360 versions aren't holding back the One.

Forza Horizon 2 is garbage on 360. Even as a standalone game with no comparison to the One, it lacks in so many way to the first game. So disappointed, I refunded the game. The game won't be getting DLC either on 360.

bleedsoe9mm1675d ago

absolutely ,MS is doing allot to support MS customers whether is on xb1 , 360 or PC and somehow its being spun as bad , instead of giving phil spencer the credit he deserves .

BattleAxe1674d ago

Cross-gen support is going to keep happening for quite a while. I think it's great that these companies are still supporting their older consoles, and they should, because after all, Sony did say that the PS3 would have a 10 year life cycle, and we haven't hit 10 years yet.

tigertron1674d ago

Cross gen games should stop now because developers are being split, resources are split and games are made to cater lower end hardware.

I can understand why cross gen titles exist and have been plentiful this year, but now we really have to focus the current gen, by making games that take full advantage of the hardware.

mikeslemonade1674d ago

That does it! I will not buy this game if it's cross gen

bouzebbal1674d ago

MS supporting old consoles? no way!!!!
Good thing if true

MrPink20131674d ago

They are likely considering it because the XB1 install base is still too small and there is still a sizeable market on the X360 that will buy it.

MSBAUSTX1674d ago

Except when you do this crap you dont give a big enough reason to jump to the newest generation of consoles which looses you money in the long run. Last generation had a freakong decade almost! It is time to start putting money and time in to the new consoles and move on. If the developers dont move on then customers wont either because they have no reason to.

Foehammer1674d ago

Since this is rumoured to be a 2016 release, that would make the 360 ELEVEN years old.

Now that's supporting a console for a long time.

Army_of_Darkness1674d ago

The xbone is struggling to catch up in sales against the ps4, which is why ms is continuing their "support" of the 360 versions ;-) clever backup plan I say...

EvilWay1674d ago

I agree there is no need for a 360 version when the game is releasing in 2016. If you still don't have a next gen system in 2016 I don't know what to tell ya

Redrum0591674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Xbox360 is still limited to dvd9, so technically, any crossgen(360-one)game on the Xbox one is still somewhat not reaching it's full potential as a current-gen game.

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lifeisgamesok1675d ago

Yeah last gen lasted long enough it's time that those people who bought 360's and haven't upgraded yet to migrate over to the One

psvitamanfan1675d ago

Not everyone can afford the entry fee for next gen, plus there are people who may have bought one of the bundles released in the last couple of years and they still want to get some more use out of it. Im all for cross gen releases as long as it's done well.

Antifan1674d ago

Most 360 owners migrated to PS4, not Xbox one.

kickerz1674d ago

I went from 360 to one and never looked back. Great games.
Great network. Great system.

Remy_Chaos1674d ago

LOL! Oh yes sir! Oh wait, you're actually serious? People will move on when and what they choose to, not when a crazy fanboy dictates.

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Ausbo1674d ago

This article is stupid. The only basis for this rumor is a job posting that says experience working on ps3 and Xbox 360. That doesn't mean anything except they are looking for an experienced developer.

1674d ago
ThunderPulse1674d ago

Seriously though SONY needs to do the same thing.

Mutant-Spud1674d ago

Well given there are still literally no games I want on XB1 that I can't play on 360 I can't see any reason to upgrade.
If GOW had been a launch title for XB1 I probably would have bought one at launch, plus the way current gen gaming is going is this going to be another half arsed game?
Is the new Gears game going to be an even bigger step down than Judgement was from GOW3?

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Roccetarius1675d ago

If they're developing for the 360 as well, then you can be sure there are compromises. It would be a shame to hold a much improved Xbone version back.

spicelicka1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


Has anyone actually read this article? I don't understand how them looking for someone with "xbox 360/ps3 experience" means gears will be cross-gen.
Why wouldn't they want someone with previous gen experience, it just means more skill.

I love how most people think of this as an announcement from MS or something. This seems like a ridiculous farfetched assumption to me. Gears 5 probably isn't coming out for another 2 years, i highly doubt they'll be making cross-gen games by then.

The only possibility I could think of would be an HD remaster, since 2016 is the anniversary year for Gears 1. Which would make more sense if they're looking for xbox 360 experience.

IWentBrokeForGaming1675d ago

Automatically gimped... What a shame! Gears is single handedly the main franchise that could get me to buy a One... But if the story/online don't improve along with cross plat holding it back... Might save me some good cash!

OpieWinston1674d ago

Gears isn't cross gen.... Black Tusk is just recruiting people with experience on 360/PS3....You know "CONSOLE EXPERIENCE".

Because not a lot of people have extensive experience with X1 or PS4 since they're not even a year old yet.

Gears X1 is going to be THE best looking UE4 game just like Gears 1-Judgement were the best looking UE3 games on last gen consoles.

Epic is working closely with BTS to help make it the game that makes UE4 pop.

Hercules1891675d ago

Even if anothe dev is doing the 360 version, thats another dev that can make a completely different game for Xbox one

Dudebro901675d ago

If Halo 5 isn't cross Gen, which its not, there's no chance gears will be. They need to sell more Xbox ones, no continue selling 360s

BattleAxe1674d ago

If they're still making money on the 360, then you can bet that they will continue to support it.

DrRobotnik1674d ago

Crappy as it sounds. MS needs to do what Sony did with the vita. Focus all power on the new hardware.