6 Reasons Why The Alienware Alpha Is Better Than The PS4

MegaJon28 writes "Dell and Alienware have been working to create a system that can compete with the PS4 and Xbox One directly. Since the PS4 is the more powerful system this generation most comparisons are between the PS4 and Alienware Alpha. Alienware announced the Alpha earlier this year and they were met with mixed reactions."

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CARROT1809941514d ago

Reasons for owning an alienware alpha: 0

ramiuk11514d ago

overpriced,could build one for alot less imo.
also with a console settings are set and it works the best it can regarding textures etc.
whats point of buying this and still having to tweak every game in menus to try and get 1080p.

MrPink20131514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

6 reasons it's not better,

inFamous Second Son
Gran Turismo 7
Uncharted 4
The Last Of Us Remastered

If you want to get into PC gaming build your own, don't pay more just for the name.

Army_of_Darkness1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Never even heard of this till now lol!
The xbone is the only "gaming system" that can even come close to competing with the ps4 right now in terms of sales, games and popularity of course ;-)

awi59511514d ago


What the crap are those games as a pc gamer i couldnt care less.

DoctorJones1514d ago


So that's 3 games available and the rest that aren't?

That's 3 games. I played The Last of US on my ps3, so that's 2 games, and inFamous hasn't been that great since the first game, so that's one game. To tempt me. Umm, no.

Legend of Grimlock 2 is on my pc right now and that beats the crap out of Resogun. And that's just one exclusive. Most Sony games are style over substance, give me Legend of Grimlock and all the other pc exclusives over that 8hr crap any time of the day.

KillerResistance1514d ago

@MrPink2013 ya you're right, I built a $500 computer that is as good as a $900 alienware gaming computer/laptop, u r basicly paying for the brand name more than what the actual specs are worth

fr0sty1514d ago

Overpriced and underpowered. I saw the comparison videos, most ran better on PS4.

starchild1514d ago


Good for you, you can list a few exclusives. I don't know why some console fanboys get this strange idea that only the console they own has exclusives.

There are just as many or more exclusives I find that I like on the PC as on any of the consoles.

And another thing I like about the PC is that, besides full PC exclusives, it also gets a lot of games it shares with one console or the other. These are games that are like partial exclusives or, at least, games that you can't play on one of the consoles. I'm talking about games like Project Spark, Below, Titanfall, Ryse, and Ori And The Blind Forest, which are shared with Xbox One. Or games like H1Z1, Planetside 2, No Man's Sky, Transistor and The Witness, which are shared with PS4.

Hell, the PC also gets games like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Assassin's Creed Rogue that it shares with last gen consoles, while the PS4 and Xbox One miss out on them.

There's simply no way to get the breadth and variety of games you get on PC on any other platform. If you only own one of the consoles you are going to miss out on many of these games.

Personally, I will always prefer the platform that gives me the broadest variety of games, the most flexibility in how I play those games and how they look and perform, backwards compatibility to continue playing those games even after I upgrade or change my system, options to expand or modify those games, and the best graphics and framerates available for those games.

totallysane1514d ago

@awi, your lack of knowledge of those games, and calling yourself a gamer is astounding. A gamer appreciates games for all platforms, doesn't limit himself. I own PC and PS$, and have a friend that has Xbox One. I actually enjoy most of the games i've played on all.

Tito081513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

@awi5951-I bet if those games were on PC, you would care so much, don't you? Huh? Mr. Obvious.

NCAzrael1513d ago

I am really tired of that excuse against PC gaming. My PC defaults to 1080 for just about every game. If it doesn't, it takes 5 seconds to change it, and it stays that way. If my PC can't handle all of the graphics set to their highest settings, I adjust them and move on. Most of the time I don't have to mess with anything, and it looks way better than my consoles.

McGamer1513d ago

I am not sure why some people like this guy keep trying to claim this point when no one has proven it to be true yet, lol.

awi59511510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

@totallysane and Tito08

Nope im just tired of the console baby war with you babies always attacking each other day and night. I couldnt care less about the console specs im sitting this Gen out and couldnt be happier. My Pc kicks (*^*(^ and no babies constantly sniping at each other day and night about BS.

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Irishguy951514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Yeah its very simple, the only real reason to own one of the 3 consoles is because they have exclusives. PCs and anything trying to replicate a PC, cannot replace a console. Although gaming on PC is generally superior than gaming on consoles(FPS/control options), you can't get Uncharted on PC and thats it. This is why I try to get all systems per gen including PC. Seeing as the whole strategy genre isn't really on consoles, PC is a requirement, also multiplats are superior on PC so thats a bonus. But the others are needed for their exclusives.

Well of course, this depends on whether or not you are willing to miss out on exclusives. I don't like missing out on great games. Every system has its great games. Unless of course money is an issue, in which case you should be buying a Wii U or PC anyway, with the whole pay 2 play online thing going on.

HighResHero1514d ago

People are mentioning the exclusives but not mentioning the option to easily buy physical copies of the games you like for your collection.
Not sure why anyone is strictly console OR PC.
GOG makes PC gaming worthwhile for me and I wouldn't want to live without Counter Strike and all the other multiplayer games on Steam.

uth111514d ago

#1 reason it's not better: It's a PC and comes with all the same headaches gaming on a PC does

KrisButtar1514d ago

I upgraded my PC and regret it as I never use it because it gives me to many problems. Consoles are just easier and less stress related when all I want to do is play games and not mess around trying to get a game to work.

Pandamobile1514d ago

It's 2014, guys. How are some of you still incapable of operating a modern computer?

BX811514d ago

I think it has more to do with wanting to play a game and not have to pull fixes out of thin air for missed saves, black screens and crashes. I'll stick to consoles, thanks.

Vegamyster1514d ago


What issues are you talking about? Out of the 90 games i have on Steam I've only had issues running 2 of them, fixed both but doing a quick google search.

uth111513d ago

I'm more than capable of updating and fixing a computer. In fact it's part of my job. But these days it's not how I want to spend my free time. If I want to play a game, then I expect to play a game and not spend the next three hours goggling, updating .ini files, rebooting, installing drivers, rebooting, more googling, etc. etc. I'm done with that nonsense

zero_gamer1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

My gaming PC is over two years old and I experienced very little issue with it. I just upgraded my 690 to a 980 and my games work like they should. In the two years of running this PC I rarely ever ran into problems with malware, black screens, blue screens, etc. Maybe stop browsing shady porn sites or clicking on "speed up my PC" ads.

NCAzrael1513d ago

Perhaps you should learn how to do your job better. I mean, if you can't put together a decent gaming PC that you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to make it run games properly, you probably shouldn't be working on other people's machines. I say this speaking as a person who gets paid to fix computers.

The more likely scenario is that you've never played games on a PC before, and are trying to use the same boring excuses that other console-only "gamers" like to use when trying to discredit the PC as a gaming platform.

It is so easy to build and maintain a gaming PC that does not give you trouble when trying to play a game. I currently have roughly 200 games installed on my PC, and have maybe needed to find a fix for 10 of them. My video card drivers are always up to date thanks to Steam, so that's never an issue. I have my keyboard and mouse, Xbox 360 controller, Saitek X52 flight stick, surround sound headphones for when the wife is in the office on her computer, and I play everything on a beautiful 30" monitor (which, when you're only a few feet away, is better than your average sized HDTV).

You don't want to game on a PC? That's fine, just stop trying to act like it isn't worth it just because you can't afford it or don't know how to do it.

uth111513d ago


I built my first gaming PC in 1994 after I saw Doom for the first time on a friends PC. I've been building them since the MS-DOS days when you had to deal with things such as extended memory, expanded memory, TSRs, getting the autorun and config.sys just right,

Then came win95, fixed the DOS problems with TSRs/EMS/XMS but introduced DLL hell, drivers, BSOD, etc.

a gravis ultrasound card, a Soundblaster 16, then Soundblaster AWE, but now audio is integrated and few people buy sound cards anymore.
Had VESA local bus video cards, then PCI bus, PCI express, etc. Didn't even have 3D graphics cards in those days. For video cards I was first loyal to S3, then Matrox and finally nVidia to this day

Anyway I mention all that because I always get accused of lying about my PC credentials. I'm not lying, I know more about the PC than most "master race" types. I learned to program in x86 assembly language in school for God's sake!

And of course everyone tells me they "never have problems" but I don't believe that. I see the threads that get created when a new PC game comes out and doesn't work on the PC correctly. Everybody I know with a PC has issues. I forced linux on some of them because they kept getting their PC hosed through spyware. But I'm the one who always gets called to clean up the mess. This weekend I have another spyware mess to clean up. The woman had an antivirus package installed and everything, but made the mistake of clicking the wrong "download" link on one of those deceptive ads while she was trying to download a legit package.

Fixing the PC stuff used to be fun, but after awhile it sucks the life out of you. I tried installing an older Windows game recently, guess what? Didn't run! So much for that backwards compatibility. Ended up having to install VirtualBox with an older Windows to play it, and buying a new CD-less version of it from Gog. I'm happy that I got it working, but annoyed that it cost me yet another few extra hours to get it to work (researching and installing the stuff).

I'm glad if other people enjoy gaming on their PC, but I get cranky when people suggest I trade my PS4 in for a PC, to me that's a step backwards that I have no desire to revisit.

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r1sh121514d ago

anyone notice the CPUs in that thing? the 4765t is from april 2013, and they are still charging that crazy money for it! (BTW its a laptop processor)..

Its clear what Alienware have done here, just made a stationary laptop without a screen!

Everyone is correct - if you want to be a pc gamer build it yourself and get a third off (At least).
there is nothing special about this PC.

A PC build will be slightly higher than the cost of a ps4 (i built my gaming pc for £500), which is £150 more than a ps4.
Over a generation it becomes a similar total cost to the ps4 because games are cheaper.

BUT the consoles (both xbone and ps4) have some great games I will not be able to get on PC.

I dont have the xbone or ps4 yet, I plan to buy them soon when a 'slim' version comes out for each.
There are too many games I just cant get for PC atm.

3-4-51514d ago

* My PC I had build via Ibuypower in 2013 cost me $550.

i5 + AMD 7770 + 8GB..

That is basically a PS4/XB1.

I can run games on high/max settings in high detail no problem.

* That $550 now, over a year later, can get you an even better comp.

* Did it through NewEgg. You get to have it Build to your liking, but they use NewEgg parts for the lower prices, build it for you and ship.

Best thing for a PC that can play everything, + it's affordable.

Running Windows 8.1 even and everything is running fine. Couldn't be happier.

Don't get an alienware, your ripping yourself off.

_-EDMIX-_1514d ago

LMFAO! its not. This ^ That is the reason you see many (thinking) they can build or get PC's that are near next gen systems. could build one that beats one......NOT the rig you currently have.

Many things to factor.

A. your HD 7770 has 1.2TFLOP.......the PS4 had 1.85TFLOP.

Not even done yet bud..

The PC GPU HD 7770 won't output 100% of that GPU....the PS4 and XONE's GPU WILL as they have been fully optimized for pure gaming. PC....has been not.

B. Your viewing the specs as if they are both the same, ie 1.2 vs 1.8tflops.

Very, very incorrect.

Console GPUs are 2X that of the same PC counterpart due to what was stated in A. soooooo a PS4 gpu is around 3.7TFLOPs a XONE GPU is around 2.6TFLOps. still think your PC is "basically a PS4/XB1"? LOL!

I'm not trying to poke fun, merely educate others on PC gaming as you don't just go specs for specs.

Thats just not how it works.

To merely MEET a PS4 in just the GPU alone will cost you like $300 range. Check out a list of the latest 4TFLOP GPUs.

Mind you ...I wouldn't just MEET PS4 specs. Remember that this gen is far from over, you need to destory PS4 specs in order to have a lasting PC.

Or did you think a PC in 2006 with 1gig of ram would just smoke every game? I right bro? can run games no many of them are next gen games bud?

You could run games easy like PS4 can run PS3 ports.

Not saying much so...

Vegamyster1514d ago

"Console GPUs are 2X that of the same PC counterpart due to what was stated in A. soooooo a PS4 gpu is around 3.7TFLOPs a XONE GPU is around 2.6TFLOps."

That is not even remotely close to being true, a GTX760 is 2.3 Tflops and out performs both consoles by a large margin:

MarkusMcNugen1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"I'm not trying to poke fun, merely educate others on PC gaming as you don't just go specs for specs."

I have a hard time believing you really know much about PC gaming. Spec to spec comparisons are a huge way to gauge performance from card to card and generation to generation.

"The PC GPU HD 7770 won't output 100% of that GPU....the PS4 and XONE's GPU WILL as they have been fully optimized for pure gaming. PC....has been not."

You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Optimization has to do with software, not hardware. GPUs don't need to be optimized for games.

The one thing Ill give you is that a 7850 or 7870 would be better at achieving Xbox One or PS4 graphics.

"B. Your viewing the specs as if they are both the same, ie 1.2 vs 1.8tflops."

Teraflops are a relative benchmark. Not a 1:1 indication of real world performance. There are plenty of other factors to consider when benchmarking a graphics card.

P.S. Learn some grammar.

KillerResistance1514d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ is that why my gaming computer can run games at ultra 60fps and ps4 and xbox 1 only run 60 at what looks like medium graphics? what about Assassin's creed unity, they said they couldnt run 1080p on PS4 because it couldnt handle it at i think 60fps? Btw Next-gen games on Xbox One and PS4 run games like they're last gen on PC

r1sh121513d ago

So my gaming spec PC last year roughly..
Cost £550.
16Gb Hyper X RAM
Nvidia GTX 760 x2 (The asus ROG 4GB version)
1xSSD, 1xHD (2TB)
Everything was purchased from different sites using camel camel camel for amazon for price drops, and various other shopping alert services.

Thats how you build a PC at lowish price, i know its in GBP (£), but in dollars (a friend in the US made the same) the price came to about £650ish using newegg.

@Edmix -
Im pretty sure the GPU in both Xbone and PS4 match to a GTX 580 with some optimisation using the nvidia software..

Puts it similar to the 760 when tested, but with the latest firmware updates the 760 will now outperform the PS4.
Even though it has a higher Tflop, when used in game like far cry 3 the GTX came out well above, and in all games actually.
Even though the theoretical limit is as you say, in actual benchmarks the GTX came out miles ahead.

Check GPU boss and similar sites for info

awi59511510d ago


Wrong, the bitcoin guys are dumping almost brand new cards on ebay for 160. The R9 280x cards that are being dumped on Ebay now crap all over the consoles. BF4 on ultra preset at 80+ fps for $160

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Ka7be1514d ago

Alienware Alpha is waste of money. I can make a better PC spec with 550 euros.

Dynasty20211514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Reasons for owning my PS4 now that MGS is coming to PC - 1.

Reasons for owning a PC in general over console - pick a number.

And I love the "1080p" argument here by console owners.

Yeah, sorry, the PS4 is barely doing 1080p these days. And at 30 FPS if you're lucky.

Cha0tik1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Anyone in this "PC Consoles" Market fails to see why people actually why people buy consoles instead of PCs.

These reasons are:
1. Exclusives: Games that are released on that specific console first or will only be released on that console.

2. Pricing: We do not want to break the bank in order to enjoy our games.

3: No upgrading: We don't want to have to upgrade our system in order to play the latest game which ultimately causes us to spend more money before buying the game we want to play.

4. System Functionality: We want to have state of the art features that would enhance our gaming experience without compromising the game quality. Remote Play is a great example of this. Steam can now do with with it's shield brand now as well?

If we wanted a PC then we would go into building a PC as that is the best way to save money while building the system for what you want. These PC Consoles are a waste of money.

R-A-S-01514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

1. PC has more exclusive games than all 7th and 8th gen consoles combined, and is backwards compatible with pretty much every game ever. It also has (mostly) exclusive genres like RTS. That said, I'm glad I have my PS4 for Bloodborne etc. Consoles have some nice exclusives.

2. Not only can you buy a PS4 spec PC for around the same price (I'd advise spending more and getting something more future-proof though), PC games are so much cheaper that you'll end up saving huge amounts of money. Not to mention we don't have to pay to play online, so that's £50 saved each year right off the bat! I bought Tomb Raider 2013 for £2.99 the other day. Shadow of Mordor can be bought for around £17 atm too.

3. This is one of the biggest misnomers regarding PC gaming. A system that outperforms a console now will still outperform it at the end of the gen. No need to upgrade if you're not looking to run everything at ultra and 60fps. PC gives you the option of upgrading and that should be seen as a positive. Moreover, should something break in your system, you can just replace that part, without voiding your warranty. No more waiting for Microsoft fix my 360's red ring.

4. PCs have 10 times the functionality of any console. They're PCs for christ's sake! Actually shield is an Nvidia feature, Steam has its own streaming service called in home streaming. Both work just like remote play except you can stream to a variety of devices including laptops. If you want to talk about state-of-the-art features, how about Steam's family sharing, which allows you to play your friends games on your PC and vice-versa.

With regards to the console PCs however, I agree with you. Overpriced with stripped down features. I've come to expect no less from Alienware.

Cha0tik1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


I think you failed to see the point of why I posted this... It was to prove that PC CONSOLES aren't needed and why you should either buy a PS4, xbone or a normal PC. Your entire post serves no purpose to the reason I posted mine. Yes, it's out performing now but PS4 and Xbox both have developers creating specifically for the two consoles and as long as they continue to optimize for the specific specs they will continue to last which is why Consoles although underpowered from PCs they last at least 7 to 10 years of new games while PCs need to be upgraded if you didn't spend a ton of money on your setup. PC's have various specs and this system is just another pc for them to optimize for another set of various setups unless Alienware is going to pay for exclusives and optimization specifically for their console it's still a pointless contribution. In no way was this an argument to prove consoles were better than PCs and I already mentioned steams "remote play" like feature. It was an argument that both Consoles and PCs will continue to be worth the money while this PC Console won't last the timeframe that the PS4 or Xbox One will last.

r1sh121511d ago

@Azuske - To both your comments..
1st comment - Pretty much agree with RAS0, the over all cost of a PC throughout a lifecycle is far less than the ps4/xbone, mainly due to the prices in games.

2nd Comment - What are you talking about optimisation on different PCs?
The firmware between GPUs is very similar these days, and Nvidia and AMD both have input.
Although AMD have been muscled out a couple of times by Nvidia (its sad I know).

With Consoles ever close to PCs how much 'game optimsation' will be required?
What advantages to PC gamers get though -
Firmware/ software updates allow for significant changes in performance.

The AMD Raptr, Nvidia Experience software have custom game optimisations for every game the cards can detect - so devs have a lot less work.
You cannot get that in a console.

The problem you assume is that a game dev has to optimise for all the variants of hardware out there, but that is not true.
A game dev has to ensure hyper threading/ multi threading for AMD/ Intel CPUs - its not too hard to achieve since the that method does not change, or has not changed for quite some time.

The only other thing to code for is the 2 types of GPU, of which the firmware across each GPU is very similar, mainly because its 1 platform on every current card, the only difference is the power each has.
The software is built to scale up or down based on the hardware so there is really not much else to do

your argument about upgrading a PC over 7 years or something is soo invalid too -
Its an option, its not necessity, if you buy a decent spec PC at the start you wont have issues.
Another advantage for PCs, if you buy decent spec, and buy an average spec GPU for lets say $/£ 100 you can upgrade it a couple years later without too much cost.
Ive built 2 gaming PCs at home, both similar spec. 1 of them I used a cheaper GPU and when the prices dropped massively I purchased a better card and the total cost of the PC came to about £550ish. Yes its about 200 more than PS4/xbone but 5 recent games cost under £80.
Those same 5 games on consoles would cost 225, so Ive already made significant ground on overall cost.

So my total PC cost to date £630,
If I had a PS4 total cost £545.
The next 5 games and my total cost will be less than the PS4 by at least £80.

Im not saying consoles are bad at all, I love consoles for the reason I get to play games on my TV in the big room in the house, but with steam PCs coming its going to be a game changer I believe. Yes the exclusives are a massive bonus and its the reason why I will eventually buy the ps4 & xbone but with PC slowly making a come back im sure the PC market will get tapped into.
The remote play etc, is easy to do, but for many people its not been much of an argument until now - its a great feature that I think Sony have really worked hard on.
Now everyone else will probably follow suit, but if you think about the technology its probably using multicast or something on the network to get the image out to another location.

Cha0tik1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

@r1sh12 I'm only going to comment on the Optimization thing because you obviously have NO idea how development works and if you don't know that I can't expect you to understand some of the things that I know. EVERYTHING (Apps, Games, any kind of program) needs to be optimized when dealing with various set of specs... hell even if it's just one set of specs. If that were true then it wouldn't be hard for these games to perform well. The definition of Optimize is "an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible". Developers don't need to optimize for every variant but compatibility becomes an issue if the games don't work with specific hardware as efficiently as it should. Although they are similar to PCs even PC only games need major optimization of code so that the game can run as smoothly as possible. Battlefield 4 and WatchDogs are great examples of this. Doesn't matter how similar they are... When dealing with various platforms major optimization will ALWAYS be needed. Thinking the way you do is why many Devs have horrible console ports to PC and the other way around.

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zero_gamer1513d ago

Reasons for owning a custom built PC: as many as the amount of dollars you spend on one. Alienware isn't worth it. Their cases look really nice, but that's about it.

McGamer1513d ago

Wow, that is some amazing and convincing points you suggest. Oh wait, you didn't say anything other than the troll comment.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1514d ago

Spec wise it is, but naturally because it's alienware, it's overpriced for it's specs.

Eonjay1514d ago

Exactly, for $549 as a base (which has an i3-4130T CPU), you are doing yourself a disservice if you want a PC gaming experience. You can do better. And that is by PC standards, not console standards.

TheWackyMan1514d ago

This. You can build a much better pc for the same price.

dredgewalker1514d ago

I agree, one of the joys of owning a pc is the freedom you have when building one. Upgrading the i3 or even the gpu on this machine is also gonna make it much more expensive, people are better off building their own from scratch. The i3 is a good processor but there are now lots of games that are using four or more cores along with the threads. Right now is the best time to build a pc with the gtx 970 giving a very high performance while having a low price.

DevilOgreFish1514d ago

Or you can build your own PC, start dirt cheap for now and then later evolve it, like what i did. either way upgrading isn't effected by your steam purchases.

megajon1514d ago

Yeah you can build your own PC, but if you want a computer to put under your TV its hard to compete with the Alpha. It's reported to be a little smaller than the Xbox 360 which is tiny for a full fledged gaming PC.

Eonjay1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

If aesthetics are important to you (and they should be) you can find some really attractive entertainment system ready mini and micro atx cases.

Check out the Fractal Node 304

Mr Tretton1514d ago

I wouldn't compromise value or power for size. So you got a huge PC on the floor next to your TV. Good. I care about what it can do, not how it looks or how anyone thinks it looks.

ShinMaster1514d ago

@ Eonjay

Do you have anything that doesn't look like a microwave?

Eonjay1514d ago


LOL okay. How about the EVGA Hadron Air

KillerResistance1514d ago

put my computer under my TV is hard? idk if thats what u r saying or not but i can do that with a power cord, and an hdmi cable. Correct me and tell me what u actually mean. I have a Tower Desktop btw, and its still easy to do that i guess

ShinMaster1512d ago

@ Eonjay

Ok that's cooler :)

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360ICE1514d ago

Are those specs remarkably low for the price? 4GB memory at 549? I'm honestly asking. I don't know that much about pc building.

megajon1514d ago

Yeah 4GB is low for that price. I think most of the money is for the design of the system (its pretty small and custom designed to fit in your entertainment center.)

The 4GB is upgradable down the road if it becomes a bottleneck without voiding the warranty.

Vegamyster1514d ago

Alienware are one of the priciest prebuilt PC brands, you're essentially paying extra for the name/design. for the same/similar price you can build something better and still have it relatively small & compact.

TXIDarkAvenger1514d ago

Ah if only PCs got the same kind of support from developers as consoles.

ravencry1514d ago

Ah if only i can mod my games and play games at my desiring resolution or framerate cheaper and without the black bars that developers shove it in my face

starchild1514d ago

You're mistaken. The support for PC is outstanding. There are more developers making games for the PC than any other platform.

TXIDarkAvenger1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


_-EDMIX-_1514d ago


He stated "kind" of support, not the number of developers.

He is 100% correct. It has to do with many factors.

A. PC doesn't have a universal set up, ie some have beast GPUs, some have low ram etc. can a developer create a game that demands such specs if the number of users with the specs needed is unknown?

B.Money. More console gamers. When you add up Wii, PS3 and 360, it destroys even the highest current statistics on PC gamers. Mind you...its widely accepted that MOST PC gamers use or have a Steam account.

(Steam is at 100 million) you know...the number Sony did twice in a row and will like do a 3rd time with PS3.

Add up all 3 consoles and its clear publishers are going with the bulk of gamers.

C. Piracy. Publishers are just scared to exclusively back a system 100% known for that.

D.Multiplaform is where MOST publishers are going anyway so....who is to actually support and make beast exclusive AAA PC games? Hell...most 3rd parties don't even do that on consoles soooo why would they on PC?

E. Take a gander on Steam's statistic's page and you'll see some funny numbers. First off more then 60% of Steam gamers (out of 100 million folks) use 4GB or less....NOT 4GB ONLY....4GB OR LESS!

....PS4 and XONE by next year will have more units with 8gigs for gaming then PC gaming......

F. PC is opensource, thus MS doesn't make money from PC gaming licenses. ...thus no publisher needs to exclusively make AAA content for it.

The list just goes on. Mind you...I own a gaming PC and STILL feel this way.

Merely facts bud. PC gaming will never get that type of support in its current state. What PC gamers have shown is that they actually don't care to spend money on beast GPU's or ram.

Thus.....why spend loads of money on a game for a install base that doesn't even care for such a game?

PC will get support from AAA in forms of ports and thats about it.

Ask yourself this.....where is that real life looking AAA game on PC?

thehobbyist1514d ago

Oh boy. Let me get the list of PC exclusive games. Please note. This list only covers 2000-2013

user56695101514d ago

im going to save this for future reference for the idiot console fanboys

look above you to see what i mean. theyre trying to hard.

user56695101514d ago

yall on full damage control. SDF at its finest. anything that doesnt make sony look like gaming savior the come out on a full assault. it doesnt even matter if they just spreading bs the gonna say whatever to defend sony.

and may i ask what are these exclusives yall are raving about. cause i barely see any. uncharted is good but there are a ton of better exclusive for me on pc. keep on thinking that we worship sony like yall do. and when do uncharted come out? so yall going have no exclusives worth playing until that game come out. but some how yall have the most exclusives.

we just got legend of grimrock 2, wasteland 2, assetto corsa, divinity original sin(best rpg this year or competing with other rpg exclusive to pc), endless legends. and that just a SMALL FEW.

SERIOUSLY what exclusives yall got? constantly name games thats not out yet like we cant do the same. and naming games thats overhyped like we care. theyre good games but we are not loosing sleep over it. unlike yall.

SRV1512d ago

I don't know why people are so loyal to a platform. They each have exclusives that are worth playing. I am a console gamer, xbox one, but I'm reading articles about the Alienware Aplha because there are a lot of things about PC's that I find appealing. And I want to play Arma 3 and that flight sim from Bohemia. Can't remember the name of it. So, I'm interested in PC's, in part, because I want to play games that I cannot get on my console.

I like the idea modding, sounds like a lot of fun. It's funny, a couple weeks I was thinking how fun it would be to play BF4 with pistols only. Then I get on twitch, and lo and behold, there is an Arma 3 mod called Ghost Hotel that does just that . The ability to play a ton of older games is appealing too.

The Alienware Alpha does not appeal to me, because you can't upgrade the GPU. What is the point if you can't upgrade every component? I'm thinking of upgrading my old PC with better parts, instead of buying a prebuilt system.

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