Popzara Podcast E4.06 NPD September 2014 Sales Numbers and Analysis

Like a well-oiled clock the NPD Group has released their latest set of numbers for the video game industry for September 2014. Once again, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console came out on top for the umpteenth time as hardware sales grew a staggering 136% year-over-year as the next-generation officially becomes the now-generation.

While that’s hardly a shocker, it’s who stole the crown for Activision’s hugely anticipated Destiny that may turn a few heads (and fanboy tempers to boil).

So you don’t have to, Popzara editors Nathan Evans and Grayson Hamilton chew on the numbers and engage on the recent trend for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and beyond as we inch ever closer to what’s sure to be an epic holiday buying season. Second mortgages are a viable option, folks, we’re just saying..

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