Editorial: Admit It, You Want A Wii U For Bayonetta 2

It's only available on Nintendo's new console and given the outpouring of critical acclaim for this sequel, a whole lot of action lovers now need a Wii U.

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Snookies121675d ago

Actually, for me personally the Bayonetta games never really appealed to me. Which is weird, because I'm a big fan of Devil May Cry.

I want a Wii U for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Those are my two big reasons for wanting one at the moment.

elninels1675d ago

I want one for xenoblade chronicles x. And shin megami tensei x fire emblem.

NewMonday1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Bayonetta, Zelda and X for me

also getting one for my nephew to play SSB and MK8

marloc_x1675d ago

Recently bought my 2nd Wii U..

One for each Bayonetta ;)

N4g_null1675d ago

Marloc_x I'm thinking about hooking one up in the car for the kids since it doesn't need a tv. Plus it would be great at tailgating parties! One small projector and wireless sensor bars and you have a 70 inch ultimate tailgate setup! I'm getting bayo2 not because I'm crazy about here actually character design I just love what she can do. Plus I get two games for one. Be sure to link all of your wiiu downloads to one account though. Then when the unified accounts come you have your whole library on all consoles. I have a ton of games too!

Metallox1675d ago

I wanted one exclusively for Pikmin 3. But then Bayonetta 2, Super Mario 3D World, Xeno X, an open world Zelda game appeared and now maybe Splatoon and Wii U became a must for me.

SmielmaN1675d ago

I got one for MK8, and Mario party but I played bayonetta on PS3 and I thought it was pretty awesome all around. Fun game. Can't wait to spend time with Bayonetta 2. I may be close to finished with Destiny so there may be a opening in my starting lineup haha

KnightRobby1675d ago

I thought I would never want a Wii U, but now it has quite a bit of games. Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, and the upcoming Zelda. And of course Smash Bros.

Now, Sony and Naughty Dog, where oh where is our Crash Team Racing? :)

CervantesPR11675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

as someone who is new to bayonetta and loves DMC (the old ones) i have to say bayonetta 2 DEMO is AMAZING bayonetta 2 has raised the bar. I got a wii u for smash mainly but after trying bayo 2 the game is no joke, your going to love it if you try.

bayonetta and dante actually make an awesome couple as well!

N4g_null1675d ago

Bubble for great suggestion. Did you know you can play as an dude in the two player part of this game also? I would love to see a 4 player fighter like bayo2 two guys and two girls. Two player co-op per system game play. Each person with their own screen! The demo is pure 16 bit goodness infused into a high level of graphical creativeness. If you want to understand why we loved the 16 bit arcade era this game will show you that.

kwandar1675d ago

Bayonetta doesn't appeal to me either, but I'm still getting it. Why?

Because the critics and scores indicate this is a "must have" and I've found many games like that, that I would not have otherwise played.

The secondary reason is that I want Wii U to have more mature games, and every purchase helps.

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infinitewords1675d ago

But I do have a Wii U for Bayonetta 2.

DarkOcelet1675d ago

I want a Wii U because of Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicle X , Fatal Frame V , MK8 , SSB U , Zelda U etc etc etc . Honestly Wii U seems to be boasting the best line up for current gen consoles .

Clover9041675d ago

Nintendo has some stellar title, no doubt. If there's a good Black Friday sale I don't think I'll be able to resist picking one up.

DigitalRaptor1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

The Wii U has the absolute worst lineup for current gen consoles.

If you're talking about strictly exclusives, fair enough you have a point when comparing exclusives, but when you're talking about the overall lineup, including third party games, that couldn't be further from the truth:

To be clear, I'm a Wii U fan and already have Bayonetta 2 collector's edition on pre-order.

LOGICWINS1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

"It's a huge loss for PlayStation and Xbox as far as I'm concerned, and a huge gain for Nintendo."

How could it be a loss? You can only lose something you had to begin with. There was never a deal for a PS4/XB1 version of Bayonetta 2. Frankly, I don't see it as a big issue. Bayonetta 1 BARELY sold over a million units on the PS3(and not even a million on the 360). Both these consoles had a 150+ million userbase.

As good as the reviews were, Bayonetta as a franchise was never a sales monster. As a gamer, I welcome as many games on the PS4 as possible but its clear that Bayonetta 2(assuming PS4/XB1 versions existed) is a niche title and would have sold as a niche title is expected to sell....not a lot.

wonderfulmonkeyman1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Just because the first one was niche doesn't mean the second will sell the same in the west.[though admittedly the japanese sales were disappointing without something like Operation Platinum to spur them on]

It's a loss because it's a good game, not because of its sales potential or lack thereof, nor because it was never headed for the PS4 or XB-one.

Actually, let me rephrase that; it's a loss to the ones too stubborn to adopt a new system with a growing library of great games alongside of Bayonetta 2.

The ones who can afford to do so and choose to, instead of avoiding it for whatever justification outside of lack of funds[and seriously, if someone's finances are good enough to save up for a PS4 or XBone, why not the cheap-as-hell Wii U?], will be having a very grand time, because it only expands their gaming options to own more than one console.
Having at least one Sony or Microsoft console alongside a Nintendo console gives any gamer a much more well-rounded assortment of titles to choose from, for their gaming pleasure.

GenericNameHere1675d ago

No, of course not. But even if Bayo 2 is a sequel, it's still a niche game. Doesn't help that unless you're a Mario game, Wii U games don't sell a lot. Do you really think Operation Platinum will help Bayo 2 sell over a mil? Be serious here. Maybe we should start an Operation Nintendo. That will clearly help it sell like the Wii used to!

Loss to the ones too stubborn to adopt a new system? Combined all three so far, that's only ~22M out of the ~260M install base of last gen. You're right. ~238M people are too stubborn to adopt a new system. Lack of funds? These people just either bought a $400 PS4, or $4/500 Xbox One. That's freaking expensive. Like you said, these people "saved up". Do you know what saving up means? It means they saved up money over long periods of time, and eventually spent it on something they like. I'm pretty sure rich people don't need to "save up" their money for $400, which would most likely be pocket change for them. If you're saving up money, that means you don't have the luxury of always buying things. If you think a $300 Wii U is cheap, PM me. I'd like one for Christmas for free.

wonderfulmonkeyman1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It has a better chance of making it sell out here than it had of doing anything for Japan, where Platinum traditionally doesn't sell well in any case.

Yes, a loss to the stubborn ones. If it weren't one, then there wouldn't be so much inane crying over its exclusivity.

And $300? Try refurbished deals on Wii U. $199.
And "just bought" a PS4 or XBone?
There are literally MILLIONS out there that have had their systems for quite a few months, which would be PLENTY of time to save up enough cash for a cheap Wii U.
If you think the Wii U is not cheap enough to save up for within a FAR shorter amount of time compared to a PS4 or XBone, then you either suck at budgeting or don't have a job.
If it's the latter case, you should be asking your parents/relatives to get you one; compared to convincing them to shell out $400+ for a PS4 or XBone, convincing them to get a cheap Wii U at $199 or less, especially around Black Friday, and saving it as a Christmas Present, would be a cake-walk.

There are too many so-called "fans" making too many excuses as to why they can't adopt a new platform for the sake of following the franchises they claim to love.

Oh, and as to your "If it ain't Mario, it doesn't sell on Wii U" comment?
Shovel Knight says do some more research. Their devs are quite happy with the turn-out from the Wii U version of that game, all things considered.

N4g_null1675d ago

GenericNameHere has a point. Yet there is a solution. Electronic stores are hiring and if you are there long enough they give you a great discount. Logistics (ups, fed ex, even the post office) firms are hiring, Christmas is coming they will need the extra help. If you are a kid leaves are about to fall if they haven't already. Rake them up for a fee or promise services for $300. It builds character and there are a lot of old people that need your help. Trade in those hype games quickly. Snes games have risen in price so trade some in! Something tells me those games may get passed game play wise this gen! Plus there is the virtual console. If you are smart start tutoring those jocks for some serious cash and use PayPal also. Learn how to build a pc... seriously a child can do it now! It's really good money in pc repair or even just fixing the pcs in your neighborhood.

If you are an expert gamer online start a league and play for money. Please be sure that is setup by an adult and everything is far also. Announcements should go on mii verse. The election is coming up. Will they pay you for helping out, I'm not sure if anyone has ever really asked? I do know they have millions to spend!

Happy hunting I remember saving for my first consoles. Then pc, then house, then studio lol. Go forth young gamer and conquer the money monster!

remixx1161675d ago

Well frankly with that statement he made you could easily spin it, "the last of us remastered is a huge loss for xbox 1 and wii u and a huge gain for playstation" or "forza horizon 2 is a huge loss for playstation and wii u and a huge gain for xbox".

In the end its not really a loss if it wasn't yours to begin with, its just another great exclusive for nintendo which is pretty typical of them.

Ol_G1675d ago

They count it as a loss because the first game was exlusive to those platforms let's not play dumb here i have the same feeling with RE Revelations 2 first one was a 3ds exclusive then it got ported over and now the second entry in the series isn't even coming to Nintendo consoles that's what you call a loss not something you never had so using first party ip's in the discussion is useless

remixx1161675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Actually any exclusive, be it 1st party or 3rd can be viewed as a loss from the angle of discussion the article is implying. From my point of view I do not agree with that, I see something like the timed exclusive tomb raider xbox deal as a loss for other platforms, be it a small one.

This game barely sold on those other platforms it launched on so its not much of a loss to those console owners, what was it like 1.8 mil across 150+ mil devices. Not a bad game by any means but just under appreciated. Obviously the vast majority of those console owners do not give a damn about it and do not see it as a loss.

From the jump the sequel was nintendo exclusive, which was a gain for nintendo but not much of a loss for anyone else, from a perception of profit atleast. I wouldn't say I was playing dumb, I'm actually one of the few people using my head homie.

Ol_G1675d ago

I can see where you're coming from with that reasoning and from a bussines standpoint you're right but from a gamers standpoint it's a loss for those who played the first and were hoping this game would be multiplat or come to their console of choice

SmielmaN1675d ago

Meh, wouldn't matter about sales to me. Bayonetta was a pretty awesome game. Too bad so many ppl didn't give it a chance.

remixx1161675d ago

Exactly my point its hard to "lose" it if people don't care about it but then again alot of amazing games get overlooked for the washout of overdone half bake yearly and bi-yearly releases. Kinda sucks but thats what happens and thats why most publishers will not support games like this and many developers will not make games like this, such is the industry.