We cannot let this become gaming culture

This week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian cancelled a university speaking engagement after threats that it would be met with a shooting spree. The news seems like a stark and spectacularly grim escalation of the mounting harassment of female game developers and commentators on the games industry.

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viperman2401682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I do not agree with the narrative this writer has. All I can agree with is that harassment needs to end.

Oli truly believes GG is a hate group out to get women and harass people with the false guise of "fighting for corruption in the game industry". This is a laughable notion, as anyone who has been following this can tell you otherwise.

He not only believes that GG is a hate group but he also has a lot of facts wrong on whats been happening in the past 2 months. Both sides of GG have been getting harassment, no one is immune from this.

You can't just lump an entire movement as a hate group just because a few trolls decided to harass and doxx other people. What you dont see in the mainstream media is not reporting all the proGG supporters who have gotten death threats and have been harassed, just look at Boogie or TotalBiscuit. So according to their logic antiGG are just as bad as proGG.

I cant believe he's taking the mainstream media view of GG hook line and sinker.

-60 Second recap of GG-

I've been ending my posts with quotes lately, I think I'll continue to do this.

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels

PureSophistry1682d ago

The fact you are quoting GOEBBELS to prove your a little terrifying

viperman2401682d ago

It doesn't make what he said any less true though.

I'm not supporting what he has done in the past, or anyone from his party for that matter. But he does have a point and that tactic (lying) has been used time and time again throughout history and media.

So by you saying its a "little terrifying" I don't understand what your trying to get across, that I quoted a him or that this is what's actually happening right now?

Majin-vegeta1682d ago

*The fact you are quoting GOEBBELS to prove your a little terrifying

Dont believe everything you're told through propaganda just an FYI ;).

The threats are just empty promises.Most people just do it to scare whoever they are targeting,

NewMonday1681d ago

the games media is accused of systematic corruption, so it's no surprise they would slander Gamergate.

sorceror1711681d ago

Who's getting threats from 'feminists'? I see people claim that, but I don't actually see examples. Kinda like how weev claimed Kathy Sierra sent out DMCA takedowns, and yet no one can actually produce any...

DragonKnight1681d ago

The people getting threats from feminists is equal to the amount of people getting threats from gamergate.

That number is zero.

Threats are being sent by individuals, not groups.

3-4-51681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

* Harassment is not cool......EVER.

* Lying about harassment is EVEN LESS COOL.

* If there are 100 FACTS in a story, and your picking and choosing to only present 5-10 of them, then that is NOT HONEST.


Godmars2901681d ago

Hasn't this by default become gaming culture because the side that insisting that it needs to change, that it's former target audience is no longer relevant, is only insisting on their stance and is disregarding any form of counterargument or honest discussion?

sorceror1711681d ago

"You won't acknowledge my good argument, so I'll threaten to cut your genitals with a knife then kill you"?

DragonKnight1681d ago

"I have an excellent argument to make. I think games should be the way I want them to be, so I'm going to say that gamers are dead. That's an excellent way to get what I want and absolutely no one will be the least bit upset by that statement."

Godmars2901681d ago

No, things aren't that sever. That's full fledged militant feminist. With the hilarious thing being that all this anti-#GG crap is a reactionary response to the Quinn incident. That a network of "friends" tried to stifle something which would have blown over if left to run its course only blew up. Now the culture at large is being turned toxic, freedom of speech has been threatened, because of something that amounts to a false rape claim.

sorceror1711681d ago

@Godmars - No, they actually *are* that severe:

Knives and genitals, right there.

Godmars2901681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

yeah. Got as far as the third paragraph...sorry I doubted you.

Still, she was like that before GG. Is by all counts as much if not more of a troll than any ten year old you'd find in a COD lobby.

viperman2401681d ago


You honestly believe that GG is behind the threats she has gotten?

before GG was even a thing, Brinna Wu has always been getting threats, as can be seen here.

I'm not advocating for harassment or threats, what I am trying to get across is that GG has nothing to do with the threats she has received thus far.

The internet is filled with hate filled trolled who do nothing but harass others online to get a reaction so they themselves can feel better about themselves. And then we have the "smarter" trolls who go out of their way to get address and post them.

If she honestly did not want MORE harassment she should have went straight to the police instead of playing the victim and tweeting/posting about all of this. That's just giving more ammo to the trolls, as they feel they have won since they did get a reaction out of her.

i can also speak from experience. I used to sort of be a bully in school when I was young. I wasn't an all out bully or the type that would beat you up for lunch money. I just felt like causing pain to others "innocently". One example would be I would pretend to yawn while sitting on a chair as someone walked by me, extend my arms up in the air and my legs straight, so I could trip whoever was walking past me. I did this and countless of other messed up things, and I got away with it cause I was always subtle about it.

Why did I do all of that in my past? My father was abusive. He used to beat...whip me...hit know name for any reason he saw fit. As I was young and there was nothing I can do against him to defend myself(he was fat, still is). I just let out my frustrations onto others.

So what I'm trying to get at is, ignore the trolls report them and call the police and do not give them power. Sadly this is how the internet works, but making a big deal out of every threat you receive, your just inviting yourself to get more.

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WeAreLegion1681d ago

We aren't ok with harassment.

We also aren't ok with corruption in journalism. You know...the actual reason Gamergate exists.

So, don't try to stop this movement. You're giving in to the writers who are abusing ignorant readers to divert attention away from their mistakes.

sorceror1711681d ago

Here's the problem. The threats and a lot of the language of the gg types undermines that. Like the people who claim the Civil War was about state's rights, not slavery.

Especially because even a biased game review doesn't justify rape and death threats. It betrays a certain lack of perspective.

DragonKnight1681d ago

Now I know you haven't spent a single second in the gamergate tag. Exactly one person has used the gamergate tag while making a threat, and that one person wasn't even part of gamergate. He is the owner of a Brazilian gaming news journalism site who made like 8 accounts all specifically Anita Sarkeesian themed and with every threat he made, not only would he use the tag, but he'd also link to his site.

So, prove that threats came from Gamergate. I'll wait.

Spotie1681d ago

See, the Civil War WAS about states' rights. Slavery just happened to be a very large part of that.

(I say this as a black man born and raised in the South, before you go saying something silly. I just happen to know my history.)

You are doing what far too many others are doing: taking the actions of a few and applying them to the motives of the whole. What's worse: you know damn well that what you're saying isn't true. You KNOW that's not how things are, but you persist, anyway.

Which is, interestingly enough, exactly what the feminists under attack are doing. They're saying one or two incidents in a game are sexist(when they aren't, even once), and then saying those events represent gaming culture as a whole.

It's insanity.

tigertron1681d ago

Gamergate isn't a hate movement. It's a movement to stop corruption in the gaming media.

A few idiots shouldn't be able to undermine Gamergate.

TheWackyMan1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

GamerGate funds The Fine Young Capitalists a game jam to help women make video games for charity. No one mentions it.

GamerGate has risen almost $14,000 in one day to prevent bullying. No one mentions it.

GamerGate has 1.5 MILLION TWEETS. Everyone dismisses that cause were all white neck-bearded basement dwelling nerds.

GamerGate has REPEATEDLY reported and denounced harrasment, death threats, and doxxing. No one mentions it.

GamerGate has gone on Huffington Post live, with 3 WOMEN, to describe what gamergate is. They say they are just misinformed/mysogynist

A few people, which who never mentioned gamergate in their posts harrased and posted death threats to 3 women, THE MEDIA BENDS OVER BACKWARDS to put these people in the spotlight so they can push their false narrative, that we are just a small hate movement that hate women and don't want to change the gaming industry and the media just laps it up.

Tell me how the media is treating those that are Pro-GG fairly. PLEASE.

Edit: I should also mention that we have been compared to the likes of the Nazis and ISIS. Cause that totally makes 100% sense, right????

DragonKnight1681d ago

Don't forget the $7500 for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

viperman2401681d ago

Preach man preach.

This one got to me the most, when I saw this on HuffPost I laughed cause I thought he was joking...but he wasn't.

When Georgina brought up that Gawker media employees were tweeting this.

he flat out said he "believes" he was just joking and didnt mean it, are you fucking kidding.

So ignore all the positive things GG has ever done, but shine the spotlight on all the trolls out there. But when you get definitive proof of what GG IS FIGHTING FOR...its just a "joke and dont be sensitive about it".....and on bully awareness month as well...

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