Evil Within Resident Evil eater egg

The Evil Within Shinji Mikami’s new IP has payed tribute to the legendary Resident Evil in one of its early chapters. The scene is based on the scene in the original Resident Evil when you encounter your first zombie.

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roadkillers1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

That's it? I am only on chapter 2 and for sure there are at least two easter eggs in plain sight.

Edit: Does this not exist in Resident Evil?

Somebody1678d ago

I've only played it for a couple of hours and the whole game feels like Resident Evil.

Western characters that feel like Japanese characters. Over the top cutscenes. Breaking stuff into dust.

No need to look for Easter Eggs when the game is pretty much a mix of Resident Evil games but with added new mechanics and better graphics.

SMcNu7151678d ago

Is this a pun? "Eater" egg

mrmonk1678d ago

Would just like to say I'm on chapter 5 & loving this game thank God because resident evil has went wayyyy down hill.

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