Alien: Isolation Review: Fear and Loathing | Error Not Found

Creative Assembly shows their devotion to the Alien license with a terrific exercise in horror.

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Agent_hitman1676d ago

This is the best Alien game to date. Really scary like OUTLAST.

Ashunderfire861675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Scary than Outlast, because the Alien A.I is too darn smart. So smart I created a shootout between the looters and I, only for the Alien to devour them, while I hid in the vent of course. But the Alien realized that something was missing, so it search in the vent snatching me from behind! Damn that was scary as hell! This thing has a mind of its own wow! Man I haven't been that surprise since Billy Ghost from Outlast peek under the toilet stall to just ripe me apart!