My Impressions of Destiny's Queen's Wrath and Iron Banner Events

Destiny's first two big events are over, "The Queen's Wrath" and "Iron Banner". These are my impressions over these two events.

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UnHoly_One1463d ago

Couldn't agree more.

They basically lost me with these two events, and I went from playing for hours every day to playing once in the past week and a half.

n4rc1463d ago


When they first announced the event I was pumped.. Sounded like the reef was opening up..

Didn't think it was just pointless bounties to level up yet another vendor..

Same with iron banner.. Turns out weapon leveling doesn't work when it's supposed to but does when its not..

Bungie man... You guys are slipping..

ScottyHoss1462d ago

Let's hope some kind of actual gameplay variation (like the reef, or at least new strikes) is added in November.

joab7771462d ago

They didn't lose me...I just hope they learned a lesson.

I love events and they r great idea but need to be structured better.

Doing Iron Banner 1 x a month would be great but there needs to be better rewards to work towards.

The Queens Wrath was too early and it's structure was a mess. U get the same 2 legendaries, maybe 3. You get up to 84 missions to play, which were great, like Nightfall story missions but there was no incentive as there was no rep. And most didn't have alts so once u got the chest and boots, that's it.

Iron Banner gave no xp for losing, which caused ppl to quit all the time.

Great ideas...needs much better implementation.

BX811462d ago

The iron banner can smd!

JeffGUNZ1459d ago

Yeah, it blew. Level 1 rep was 100 and then Level 2 was a 1,000. WTF. I only did it to level 1 so I can get the emblem and shader.

Pinkdolphinyfg1463d ago

I found Iron Banner pointless.

InTheZoneAC1462d ago

these two events were worthless.

I already had better gear, despite only beating the raid once and the bounties were too time consuming for what they offered. Poor value and waste of time.

JeffGUNZ1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Well, not everyone had that much gear at the time. The Queens chest piece was my first legendary gear and it was nice to be awarded legendary stuff. Iron Banner was a complete waste of time and the only reason I did it to level 1 was to get the shader. I've seen bigfoot more then I have seen shaders.

porkChop1462d ago

Both events were crap. Bungie needs to get their heads out of the clouds and start giving us real, worthwhile events that actually matter. If this is how Bungie plans to support the game until the expansions come out then I honestly have no reason to play anymore. If the next event doesn't change things up, then I'll be done with the game.


I thought the iron banner sharers were cool. The only highlight for me in these two events unfortunately.

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