#OperationPlatinum – Progress so far

Serious Sammy writes: Bayonetta 2 is technically a second party game since Nintendo are publishing it, but the developers Platinum Games are still a third party developer so the success of the game will show that Nintendo gamers DO buy mature third party games. They buy third party games that are fun to play and are brimming with quality, not games that are ported over and missing half the games features and sometimes drop to around 20 frames per second. #OperationPlatinum is not just a good way to shove Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot’s words back in his face, it is a way to get Bayonetta 2 the recognition it deserves and gives Nintendo a platform in which to build with relationships with third party developers/publishers in the future.

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Big_Game_Hunters1460d ago

I hope this game reaches at least half a mil.

wonderfulmonkeyman1459d ago

If there are more people out there that aren't making excuses, it should reach that 1M goal line, with Japanese sales included, by at least the middle of next year, if not sooner.

Metallox1459d ago

It feels weird reading you with that avatar, but still, consider me your fan.

wonderfulmonkeyman1459d ago

XD It's the only really fitting picture of a monkey in a suit that I could find. If I find something better then it'll be replaced.

1459d ago
DualWielding1459d ago

the game won't sell, why? because Wii U

DoggyBiscuit1459d ago

The game will sell, why? because Wii U

MaxwellBuddha1459d ago

Nintendo fans DO buy M-rated titles.

They just buy them on OTHER platforms.

Seriously, Nintendo needs to repair their relationships with third-party developers and publishers if they want their next console to surpass the Wii U.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1459d ago

I told 4 of my friends who own wiiUs to buy this they refuse. One of them only bought their WIiU for smash, The other was like I dont wanna pay full price, the other 2 dont even care.

I dont even own a WiiU but I would instantly jump on this I completed the first and it was amazing. More BAyo is good.