10 Minutes of New Far Cry 4 Gameplay In 1080p On PS4 Reveals The Map, New Side Missions, and More

Watch 10 minutes of Far Cry 4 gameplay on the PS4 presented in beautiful 1080p.

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Jaqen_Hghar1677d ago

A man won't watch to keep his eyes virgin for this game but he's damn excited for this game!

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u4one1677d ago

i'm gonna have to pick this one up.

DVAcme1677d ago

How is it that FarCry 4, a game with a larger and faster-traversed world with dynamic enemy AI, animals and buttloads of exploration reaches 1080p, while Assassin's Creed Unity does not? It still baffles me.

nucky641677d ago

hard work vs. laziness?

ctmaudi1677d ago

Cross gen game on last gen engine vs new gen only with new gen engine. Large open worlds aren't resource heavy since objects far away don't need to be detailed. Large crowds up close are very resource heavy.

LamerTamer1677d ago

Microsoft has a deal with Ubi on Unity, Sony has one for Far Cry 4.

MS probably said "Hey we aren't going to spend all of that money helping you advertise Unity only for it to run better on our competitors platform". Ubi probably then said something to the effect "well OK, we will make sure both versions are the same - to avoid debates and stuff".

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affrogamer1677d ago

Wassup with this guy's video quality? They always looks very pale for some odd reason!

smolinsk1677d ago

Fuc.... Hate that guys voice, please stop using that guy,