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The PlayStation TV lets you play Vita games (physical and digital alike) and PSP/PSone classics on your television, acts as a Remote Play hub for beaming your PlayStation 4 content around the home, streams movies and TV shows, and plays PS3 games from the cloud via the PlayStation Now service. That's a lot for a $100 device that fits in the palm of your hand, right?

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fhizikz1677d ago

Getting this as a companion for my ps4

darthv721677d ago

Getting this to replace my PSP Go and play PSP/Vita games on a TV.

TomShoe1676d ago

Remote play is awesome, but the lack of Netflix and 1080p steaming hurts it's value some.

I'd say it's like the Vita. It's not for everyone, but usually those who get it love it.

bouzebbal1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

the problem is, once again, Vita is clearly becoming a PS4 companion and nothing else. PS TV would have been a great deal if you can remote play your PS4 from everywhere in the world with a DS4 because i travel a lot.
The lack of supported games kills it for me, especially since it doesn't support the biggest Vita games (uncharted, tearaway, killzone, LBP, gravity rush...)

badz1491676d ago


er...KZM is supported. they just released an update to support PSTV just awhile back.

bouzebbal1676d ago

@badz149: ok thanks i didnt know, but still weak support. helpful bubble for you

Conzul1676d ago

No 1080p kills it for me.
I would have happily bought it for 50-100$ more, just for 1080p capability. My TV is so big that anything less than 900p looks repulsive. Try again Sony.

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ThatOneGuyThere1677d ago

I wanted to get this to replace my Roku. Maybe I should wait until they release Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu?

Spotie1677d ago

It was never meant to compete with or replace such a thing.

u4one1677d ago

yeah don't do that. this thing is if you want a few Vita/PSP games and only want content from Sony.

ThatOneGuyThere1676d ago

thats a silly comment, given that all of Playstation's other products support such services. The fact of the matter is, those 3rd parties just havent created the apps for the Playstation TV yet.

BattleTorn1677d ago

I was going to, but have no decided to save for a second PS4 instead.

guitarded771677d ago

I'll probably got that route too. I have a Vita and a PS4, and the PSTV would be a good fit for our home, but I think I'd like having a second PS4 on the other TV more so.

Sly-Lupin1677d ago

Ideally Sony should patch in PSTV functionality to the PS4. If they can't be arsed to do B/C, they could at least let us play PSP/V games on a big screen.

Xb1ps41676d ago

Figures they would fvck it up... And good god will Sony ever learn a lesson about memory cards already?!

turdburgler10801676d ago

This is what we call dropping the ball...twice now. First psnow and then this. Man sony are you drunk on your big lead? Get it together.

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gangsta_red1677d ago

"...but my network is solid and I wouldn't spend another dime on PlayStation Now for Wi-Fi play."

Interesting, has anyone else had this problem when playing over a Wi-Fi connection? I am surprised no one had this concern even though OnLive had similar issues when playing multiplayer.

Looking at that UI, I just have to wonder is Sony incapable of making an attractive UI to navigate through? I swear it's so bare bones and just plain unappealing.

Well that's a shame that IGN didn't have a good experience with it, I think we can chalk this one up to another early adopters beware as the Vita TV seems to need some time to grow and expand into something more.

ThatOneGuyThere1677d ago

I remote play on my Vita at home all the time. It runs great with an occasional hiccup here and there. The PSTV being wired will make a huge difference.

guitarded771677d ago

The remote play works pretty good for me too. I wouldn't play a competitive twitch shooter with it because there is some latency, but for games like Final Fantasy XIV it's great. And yeah, a wired PSTV would alleviate that problem.

Eonjay1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I used it over Wifi and for me it works flawlessly with amazing picture quality. For me it works better over wifi than Remote Play. The UI is fine. The games look amazing but it needs better app support and more support for Vita Games. My review is 8/10 pending an update for Netflix. It doesn't need to expand into something more, it just needs the current apps updated.

ruefrak1677d ago

I have used PS Now on my PS TV over wifi quite a bit and works GREAT. Remote play may not be the best on the PSTV, but it's PS Now support is top notch. Just as good as the PS4.

Scatpants1677d ago

I had issues with wifi so I bought one of those powerline range extenders. Works good now.

Sly-Lupin1676d ago

The XMB is the best UI under Windows. Simple, clean, efficient and customizable.

So to be fair, its only recently that they've become incapable at designing new UI. Instead, they seem overly focused on trying to replicate the Android/iOS aesthetic.

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TheStrokes1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I still have my 60GB ps3 (1tb) along with my ps4!

Win-win with no lag.

Protagonist1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

From the article.

"the strength of your Wi-Fi setup is a very strong factor to consider."

So what was your point? it clearly doesn´t have anything to do to with the PSTV. And it is not a Win-win for gamers ho wanted to play Vita and PSP games on the BIG screen.


Netflix? ughrrrr... Had it for a month, never went back.

George Sears1677d ago

No Netflix, Hulu Plus support, and to top it off it doesn't do what it is intended right because of incompatibility with many top games. Whoever buys this now are really nothing but beta testers.

I'll stick with my Vita but nice try Sony.

ocelot071677d ago

People like me who imported one last year where the beta testers. When barely any Vita games where supported. No US/UK accounts allowed ect. The PS TV has come a long way since I got mine in December 2013.

NarooN1676d ago

It's come a long way, yet it's still not up to snuff. Don't see the positivity there.

ocelot071676d ago

Maybe for you it not up the snuff. But for me it is. I think it is a great console that allows me to play my PSP,PSone titles and stream PS4 titles to it if I wish to do so. Plus play Vita games. Really enjoying Minecraft and Killzone on it.

XabiDaChosenOne1677d ago

Hows bright idea was it at Sony to not have this thing support 1080p and no netflix and hulu at launch? Jeez Sony...

silvacrest1676d ago

sony want you to buy into their video and music services first yet again, when they realize no one wants to do that they will add the typical apps we expect

Irishguy951676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Just more misleading from them

Fool me once(Ps3) - Shame on you
Fool me twice(Ps4) - Shame on me
Fool me thrice(PsNow) - Sheep

It's important never to buy into the hype Sony give out on their products. It takes them years(I do mean YEARS) to actually achieve what they reveal with their consoles. I wouldn't say they 'break' promises, but they certainly delay them for a long *** time. Business is business afterall.

MajorGecko1676d ago

don't forget the vita's "console in your pocket" promise which turned into a big FU