Microsoft Makes Testing Xbox One Updates Into a Game

When it's not causing issues with its unfinished features (hey, it's QA testing), Xbox One's preview program can be rewarding in and of itself--you get to try out cool new features not yet available to the general public. Apparently not satisfied with that, Microsoft is trying to turn testing system updates into a sort of game by tracking your stats and offering points.

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gangsta_red1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

That's good that MS is getting their user involved with the system and actually giving something back for it.

The Xbox One just keeps on improving.

Agent_hitman1677d ago

True and if they continue this trend I'm pretty sure that X1 will catch up in this competition.

MajorGecko1677d ago

i wish my ps4 was supported like this

Pogmathoin1677d ago

Anyone in the preview program, please pm invite 😃

Protoss1677d ago

How do you legitimately get into the preview program? I was sort of under the impression that MS had to cherry pick you for it

KingWookiee1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

If anyone needs an invite, my GT is WookieeFarts. Friend request me and I will hook anyone who needs it :D

brich2331677d ago

Beware, theres sometimes so many updates to the dashboard that it gets annoying. Im going to opt out since the Dash is to my liking at the moment. There was several times a was playing the game and the updates kicked me offline. It happened 1 time during the Destiny Raid to me and my friend on the same raid.

donthate1677d ago

Considering you get one major update a month, and then after that there is like usually one minor fix to the previous one, I wouldn't call that many.

My Xbox One does it all int he background in instant-on mode, so I have never even seen the update screen, but it is certainly not for the one that wants a problem free experience. It might on occassions have bugs.

Be aware!

Rocky51677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I always check before I start gaming for an update in the system setting. That way I don't get half way through a BF match & the damn update menu pops up.

Also if anyone wants an invite, my gamertag is in my profile page. (Click my name)

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qwerty6761677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

seems like fun

its good Microsoft instead of just saying the normal pr statement of "we listen to our customers"

they've actually backed up their talk with results and have implement many of the things users have requested in their feedback site.

Killzoner991677d ago

Of course Microsoft would do this. Now they don't have to pay testers by tricking their loyal customers into doing it for them for free. That's pretty low even by Microsofts standards.

Applejack1677d ago

Are you being serious right now?

marloc_x1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

loyalty Sony customers paying for the Now beta makes you really proud then.

bleedsoe9mm1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

if sony had done an open beta for driveclub it might have worked day 1 , i would have gladly let sony "not pay me to test" .

Gaming247allday1677d ago

Killzoner, first off Killzone sucks, secondly, Microsoft is directly implementing requested features from customers, while allowing anyone who wants to test them out early, do so, how is that a bad thing? its more than what Sonys doing, they don't even communicate their Firmware Update plans, its just released when its released with them so just hush up now, thanks

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EverydayGuy1677d ago

As long as those beta updates don't brick your console then I'm all for it.

Outthink_The_Room1677d ago

Has that happened yet?

If it hasn't, the day a beta update bricks the XB1, is going to be one of the most ridiculous days in forum history.

With the way this generation has gone, everyone is looking for any reason to write a sensationalized headline and on that day, the amount would be almost unbearable.

Immorals1677d ago

All it will take is one person who does it, and it will suddenly be a widespread issue

EverydayGuy1677d ago

PS3 had problems, but as bad where it couldn't be fix without a patch.

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