PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Shows Pictures of the Beautiful Anna; Developers Visit Quantic Dream

The Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games released a few updates without memory, giving a further glimpse on what you can expect from the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

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monkeyDzoro1461d ago

I love this type of game. TheWolfAmongUs, HeavyRain, Beyond2Souls. And UntilDawn is also coming next year.

GreenRanger1461d ago

Without Memory?

I played that the other day.

GreenRanger1461d ago

@ disagrees

You people really need to lighten up.

Silly gameAr1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too, but with all the trolling going on I think it's hard for people to chill out a bit.

Jamaicangmr1461d ago

Plus bubble man good ish. Lmao!

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mochachino1461d ago

Those models don't really impress, unless it's an indie game (a.k.a cheaper). However, the shirt looks nice.

Hope it's a good game.

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